Roast beef breakfast with milk toast and an egg!

Who the heck eats a slab of roast beef as part of a breakfast entree? Me me! I do!

Beginning each day, most everyone eats some form of a ‘breakfast’ meal. A term that really should be divided into two words… break and fast. (A time in the 24 hour cycle of life where about six to eight or more hours had passed with no food intake as we were sleeping). Ergo, the first meal of the day is the breaking of a short term period of fasting.

As each human body does go through a cyclical number of metabolic processes every day, it’s a good idea for each of us to focus on what form of food intake we eat early on at the start of a day of high activity. (Nutritionists who have stated that the first meal of the day IS the most important, were likely giving sage advice).

[An aside: Each individual is composed of about three trillion cells… A vast army of cells that are in a constant state of energetic specialization and change. Cell death, cell division (birth) and the intake of nutrients along with the dumping of cellular ‘garbage’ is a never ending process. Imagine a human General charged with providing supply lines for three trillion soldiers! Yet, that’s what our bodies perform in fine fashion, each and every day! An amazing thing our bodies!]

Anyway, I believe that roast beef is a very good addition to any Paleo or Keto-styled type of breakfast;

  • Low in Calories. Roast beef has low amount of calories as compared to other forms of beef, which is considered to be good for people who are planning on dieting. …
  • High in Protein. Roast beef is known to be very rich in protein, about 11 g in every 2 oz. …
  • Low in Saturated Fat. …
  • Low in Carbohydrates. …
  • Rich in Iron.

The amino acids that roast beef brings to the nutritional party is also rather impressive;

  • Valine 1.6g 81%. [promotes muscle growth and tissue repair. It is a precursor in the penicillin biosynthetic pathway. Valine is one of three branched-chain amino acids (the others are leucine and isoleucine) that enhance energy, increase endurance, and aid in muscle tissue recovery and repair.]
  • Leucine 2.8g 95%.
  • Isoleucine 1.5g 99%.
  • Cystine 0.3g 106%.
  • Methionine 0.9g 109%. [An antioxidant. It may help protect the body from damage caused by ionizing radiation. It may detoxify harmful substances in the body, such as heavy metals. It may also prevent liver damage from acetaminophen poisoning.]
  • Tryptophan 0.4g 117%. [Several health benefits including helping to promote better sleep, providing relief from anxiety and depression, providing increased emotional well-being and also helping to manage pain tolerance.]
  • Tyrosine 1.2g 129%.
  • Threonine 1.5g 134%.

Below are is a nutritional summery of this meal;

Not too shabby a breakfast, in my book! (Note that the ETM stands for egg, toast and milk).

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What now America? Is it time to play the ‘R’ card?

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out
Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
All right, all right Beatles ‘Revolution

If you’re an average American and you have a bad feeling about the way things are going, trust me, you are so not alone. We all thank God that at least food is still affordable. Question is…for how long?

Right at the moment in our nation’s history when a fragile and extremely bruised economy is struggling against a host of problems, both domestic and foreign, now it gets slammed with what may turn out to be the single largest tax hike in history! Some experts estimate as much as 700 billion on up to a trillion dollars will be lifted from taxpayer’s wallets over the next ten years just to pay for the infamous Affordable Health Care Act. That’s assuming the health care industry even survives. When added to out of control spending by the Congress and the Fed’s attempt to print our way out of debt (three trillion funny money dollars so far and counting), the financial future of the average American worker is sorely in doubt. Ya think?

But, as I said, as long as we all can afford to eat, things should stay relatively stable. Everyone in Washington knows this and if they are going to keep the ‘party’ going, they will need to keep everything balanced just so…right up to the time the whole shebang goes on over the cliff. At that point, the dollar will become basically worthless and Americans will find themselves back in Medieval times economically. Three words will describe the average life then; hard, brutal and short.

Meanwhile the rich politicians will have long since departed to their island of choice, leaving the mess they’ve made for others to clean up. Gosh, how so Far Leftist is that?

(I published this post a decade ago…)

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Coming this fall!

Government approved

Coming out this fall for the combined flu and Covid season, will be a Biden approved concept that will provide much greater comfort while supplying the individual with a constant supply of fresh viral scrubbed air.

While the whole affair is said to be a bit bulky, the rechargeable fog inducer can be detached for those who like living ‘life on the edge’.

Nancy has also endorsed this apparel, stating that she’d like to see it become a mandatory item for everyone wear when walking about outdoors. Note: She has asked that the apparel not be offered in only white colors.

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Another DanO Diet favorite. A simple egg, toast, milk and Jimmy Dean bacon breakfast deal that works even if it isn’t the true Paleo Diet I’d prefer.

Making a hot breakfast can be more of a challenge when compared to filling a bowl with some cereal, adding fake sugar and then sloshing in some milk milk! (An effort that might take sixty seconds). But, this meal a deal does go together rapidly, is relatively low in carbohydrates and tastes awesome.

I have to take my hat off to Jimmy Dean, also. He has a line of pre-cooked style of bacon that is out of this world. As it is pre-cooked, all you need to do is warm a few strips up in either a microwave or on a hot griddle as shown here. The bacon is delicate and delicious.

Addressing the nutritional score, just about every nutritional goal was met for a breakfast-style repast. The only downside was the relatively high salt level and the cost of the bacon.

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We the People, four years hence…

A 2009 speech that is now aging and old, and yet… it portended so much for today in 2021! Wake up America! You’re about to be handed your hat..

and as of October 2013… We the ‘sheeple’ still hide in our homes bleating like sheep. Now, it’s 2021 and we are coming undone…

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Heavy rain and thunderstorm potential builds!

NWS – ‘Overall looking at a more active pattern starting in the middle of next week (March 10). While details such as timing, moisture available, and system track are uncertain, the pattern is supportive of potential for thunderstorms, including the potential for strong to severe storms and flash flooding across portions of the central U.S. Again, it is too early to predict associated hazards across our area, so stay tuned to the forecast over the next few days.’

[Last year, March 11th saw the start of a period of heavy rainfall, that resulted in 7.67 inches of rain at my location in Forsyth Mo for the month. Very often, the last part of March can act a signal as to what trends can be expected as we enter into the ‘wet months’ of April and May.]

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Many decades, many transformations.

I was frozen! Sorry, all you lycans out there.

OK. So it took more than a decade or two for me to bring it all together, after the fall and the aging crash that was my life.This number by Madonna gathers together some times past, times happening now and perhaps more times to come! Or not… The ticking clock of a mans life’s time counts down so swiftly. The lady of my distant past, I can still remember just the way you passed me that silver ring, mouth to mouth! The chains we forged that day, were for forever…I suffer even now…Wait! Cathy I’m old now…

Wait. I’m much more in tune to myself, universal processes, and the melding together of the Creator’s design. Circa 2021. It’s still a DanO thing.

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Compare the eve of Nov 2016 versus 2021! Looking back.

At long last, we have an actual businessman holding the highest office. Donald Trump, who may be a lot of things, is no ones fool when it comes to making a buck. But, there will likely be challenges to be face in both the short and long term….

Starting in 2017, the United States will be changing course as for the first time in a very long time the forces of Conservatism will be steering the Ship of State, including both Houses. But, in truth, eight years of Obama and his bunch have left things a mess. I don’t say that as a member of any Party, but as an American with average sight.

My country is in the dumps from almost any angle you might choose to view it. The challenges to clean it up and get it moving forward again will be daunting, to say the least. No less so due to the incredible amounts of hobbling debt, failing infrastructures, a terrible economy along with a leaky border that’s admitted fifteen million illegal aliens who never bothered with the immigration process under the watch of a man who history may well judge as mentally impaired. Getting those items fixed would be a major challenge for anyone. A task made all the more difficult by a Senate and House, where half the members of each are constantly at each others throats. Men and women who have long since forgotten why they were elected there in the first place.

So, President Trump will face a true trial by fire, in the early going. I sincerely believe that there are men and women members of the Senate and House that would rather see our Republic collapse, rather than see their elitist views altered in even the smallest way. And until we can pass term limits for these ‘children’, I fear that there will be very little progress made, no matter how hard Trump works.
To wit, I’m looking for real problems with the Stock Market as it has been buoyed up courtesy of the fake money that the Fed has churned out for nearly a decade. When it crashes (and it will), the slower thinkers among us will cry out -‘See! You should have elected Hillary!’ Me? I will see the inevitable ‘correction’ that was long overdue and which the Obama Administration was so clever at avoiding…

Internationally and geopolitically, Trumps rise to power will be interesting to watch unfold. People like Putin know he cannot be ‘managed’ in the way Obama and Hillary could be managed. Members of NATO, along with the EU, will come to a heightened sense of attention as they realize that it will no longer will it be business as usual. (Just how that will all work out will be fascinating to witness).

And then, there is our southern border to consider. I’m sure that the hordes of illegals who were posed to come on over under Hillary’s term will soon have second thoughts as will the President of Mexico. Just in what manner Trump will move on the illegals, (and he will move) will likely be historic for some and a tragedy for others. Once again, great stuff for the media to spew out over the airwaves for months to come.

Of interest to me, at any rate. As I was writing this post, Mediacom suffered a massive outage in numerous cities across the Midwest…

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Face Book! get ready, get set!

Ask people like Governor Cuomo (soon to be former Governor) what it’s like to become a useless tool of the Left. He’s in the process of being canceled by mounting numbers of former Leftist supporters! Seriously Andrew, when folks like Hillary publicly state ‘Allegations against Cuomo ‘raise serious questions,’ deserve probe‘, then you sir are pretty much gone!

Sad, but I then asked myself some questions about social platforms like Face Book. As a platform that is currently doing much more harm to the Left, than it is helping it. Well, that’s certainly not good! And forget about that 1st Amendment stuff, that ship sailed a while ago. No, I just wondered how much longer can Face Book survive at all, (unless it takes a firm stance in favor of the loon policies of the Democratic Cabal in residing in Washington DC)? My guess is not very much longer. But please, everyone, do not fear. I’m sure that Biden and friends will concoct a brand new state run platform (Correct Book? Listen Up Book? Do What We Tell You Book?) that will quickly emerge to fill the vacuum for the socially naive.

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A pasta diet platter, DanO diet style!

By whatever name they go by, the various forms of pasta are a popular mealtime treat here in America and elsewhere. Numbering at about 350 types, I personally like to prepare and eat just a few; Spaghetti, Penne Rigate and shell are three of my favorites!

When combined with a good red sauce, (like the ones that come in a can from Hunt’s), I cannot think of many other meals that I enjoy more.

The only downside is in the form of carbs. The recommended serving of regular spaghetti on the package is 56 grams of noodles which is also about 56 noodles. A bundle measures about ½ inch across which is about the same diameter as a penny, so it might not look like a lot. But whoa, you’ll be consuming 41 grams of carbohydrates! [Note: While the dry amount does look kinda small(ish), those noodles actually do increase quite a bit in size after cooking!]

That said, I’ve found that by eating just half a serving at meal time, that I could make a serious dent in the number of carbohydrates! Then continuing on that culinary theme, I often like to cook up a hamburger patty and then eat only half of that… Throw in a simple oil & vinegar salad and you’re all set!

This is a filling filling meal that comes in at only 320 calories, and when combined with the half serving of pasta (~30g), this ‘pasta-styled’ meal can be very diet friendly!

Notes: The picture at right shows a bundle of 56 grams worth of spaghetti noodles aka one serving. The better way to measure would be by using a scale and by getting used to the gram weight measurements rather than going by ounces. OK for those who don’t like that idea, there are 29.3 grams in an ounce, so this would be about 2 ounces of pasta….

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