Four bitterly cold days in January!

January 19 – 22 will stick out in most peoples minds as four days that really put a topper on heats costs. What with the costs that inflation has wrought, these four days will represent money that could be be spent elsewhere.

I spent an additional $26 just to heat my house, on top of a monthly bill to an estimated $170. And that was by heating only a bedroom/office while leaving the rest of the fourth story condo alone. I was used to paying $90, and I can only imagine what a family of four had to endure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived the better part of 73 years in relative comfort, partly supported on the backs of men and women who lost their lives just so I could do so in a nation of free people. Sadly, those times appear over.

So, me and about 30 million plus others on fixed income will continue to bit the bullet and remember better times.

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It all comes down to one channel – Fox!

Of the many channels available I watch only one, Fox News. Specifically the Five, Hannity, Judge Judy and of course Tucker.

My only disparagement is the commercials. I mute one and all, and can honestly say that I haven’t bought one single item in over 30 years of watching.

I fully realize that stations like Fox News must make money, and the only way they can do it the by having companies that sell products advertise on them. But, in my case, its been in vain. Surely there’s another way.

I would put it to the network chiefs, find a better way before millions of viewers me switch you off for good.

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Stop talking and start doing!

It was a sad time in our nation, where the middle and lower class had struggled so mightily against odds too many to count. There was the Covid disease brought to us by the Chinese government, whose reiterations coupled with the actions of a hair-brained Left, had brought us literally to our knees. A time of shortages a midst an inflationary uptick that has caused what little remains to sorely impact all but the wealthy. And, to add insult to injury, the weather was turning frigid, handing many a heating bill they could ill afford to pay.

After a morning of frantically garnering a few groceries, I hunkered down to endure what I hoped would be the last of Old Man Winter could dish out. It wasn’t really that cold out, but let me tell you, it would be a lot easier to endure President Biden shenanigans, if it were the month of May. As it was, we had three more years of that guy being in office. (Were it not for the expected change in power in Congress, I’m not sure what we would do).

I personally live in a small town by the name of Forsyth Missouri, a quiet town situated in the southern left quadrant of the state, just to the north of the Arkansas border. It boosts two groceries, one Save A Lot near the center of town while the other, a family owned enterprise name Country Mart saddles Highway 160 off in the northern edges. Both showing signs of the unraveling of a once great society. But, both now suffer from shortages due partly to a dearth of workers who truck in the produce as well as spot shortages caused by a broken supply chain. Both these are mis-managed in fine fashion by the aforementioned Biden cluster fuck.

When are we ever going to hear some action statements coming out of Congress, instead the constant dribble of talk. ‘We’ve reopened the Keystone pipeline!‘ and ‘We’ve started work on closing out southern boarder!’ would be a great start….

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Dec 10, a Tornadic Friday that will be remembered!

The thing that surprised me the most about the Day of the Worst Outbreak of Tornadoes in History was the almost total lack of preparedness by the weather-watching community. Barring the National Weather Service, many of the weather watchers, like my self, were caught mostly off guard. The daily forecast map was the only indication that later that evening, we would be caught up in the world’s largest outbreak off tornadoes in history.

I remember that that evening is was warmer later in the day than I had imaged, so warm was it that I had left a window or two open as late as 7PM. That one thing should have clued me that something was amiss. I checked the radar earlier and visited the NWS to hear that the severe weather was going to happen, but that it was going to happen later that evening. In my diary for that day I wrote ‘It was a busy day with none of the nastiness affecting my area’. Will it did pass by with nary a drop of rain, pass as it did just to the north of Forsyth Missouri where I live.

At right is a panel summary of the weather for the day, pretty non-descriptive right. We had an after the fact brief shower of .38 inches (this amount from my other weather station) with a high temperature of 76.5 degrees.

I thought nothing of it and decided to go to bed around 7:30 PM, as a booster shot had done a number on my body.

I had just gotten comfortable when my weather alarm went off and then kept going off – that got my attention and I began to pay attention – particularly to an app called Fox Weather on my cell phone.

Over the next 40 minutes or so, I moved to the master bath in my bed room, phone clutch in hand and waited…..

I watched the cell of interest approach and the slide off to the north. The siren sounded and a brief rain fell and that was it. I remember that God for keeping me safe and the I did a silent prayer for the in the path of what I assumed was a limited outbreak.

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For you weather buffs out there!

The weather in my town of Forsyth Mo. Click here!

Sample screen;

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Every morning!

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At some point, you have to say they’re crazy…

Biden, Pelsoi and the rest of the Democrats – are crazy pure and simple. What I don’t get is how the rest of us are reacting.

I applaud Texas as real people reacting in true fashion. Faced with a true invasion and no Federal help, they just dig in and handle the problem themselves. Now, if we could just get the rest of the country to handle the energy problem….

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Don’t you get it?

There are two groups involved; Biden and his group and Ki and his Chinese conspirators. They have conspired a coup that is impossible to believe, in a game of world domination.

They conspired to release a disease in the form of a virus, never caring for those who died. as long as they achieved their ends. The plan is decades in the making.

Look at this world…..

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An almost perfect plan!

A small group here in the US along with Communist Chinese leadership got together years ago a cement together a plan to bring down United States leadership while at the same time increasing China’s role as a super power.

And, it almost worked…

Covid-19 – Develop a virus that would selectively kill the old. In China’s case they had nothing to lose. Old people contribute nothing to a Socialist State, while it had the effect of destabilizing the world.

Diversions – Keep peoples eyes on a assortment of problems – All orchestrated by the Deep State. Travel related problems, breaks is the supply chain, normal Americans under attack – it goes on.

Cripple – Destroy or greatly reduce the nation across the board by changing America from Energy Independent to Energy Dependent. The was Biden’s very first move.

Over-run – Biden second act was to over-run the country by millions, people who were used to working for minimum wages and who would vote Democrat.

And you just sat there and took it…. Biden and the hard core Democrats are not your friends.

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Now this!

Since Biden assumed the reins of office, here is the net effect nine months in;

  1. The immediate shutdown of the pipeline from Candida. (Canada went ahead and sign a deal with China). Now with winter coming on our enemies (Arab and Russia) are putting on the squeeze.
  2. The complete open of the southern border with well over 1 million people from 80 countries making their way into ours. And, our State Department is assisting them with taxpayer funds. And, if they want to work – no vaccination needed.
  3. Failed policies surrounding Covid-19 that have lead America with a broken transportation system, the effects of which are just being felt.
  4. A (whatever the amount) bill who’s real purpose was the mind-blowing stuff buried within the 25,000 pages. Some of which will insure Democratic wins in the future.
  5. And who could forget Afghanistan….

And now we face a possible Energy crisis….. Sky high fuel and heating prices going into the coldest time of the year! You be the judge, is the government working in our best interests.

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