Owen 2 2

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DanO Paper steams on!

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Owen 4

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Dan’s Paper #3

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Summer’s a coming!

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Mr. Owen predicts!

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Sweat shop USA!

Out there across this great country, there are countless thousands of people who live alone, are retired, and forced to live month to month on the little they get from Social Security. They are men and women who worked their entire lives, and who depended on Social Security in the later times. Normally they could just scrap by, but these days inflation has all but destroyed that security. Now, with the coming of summer, those who live where temperatures can get into the nineties face a new obstacle – air conditioning. They will likely use it only in extreme situations, only when absolutely forced too. And then, they can watch helplessly as their budget gets blown to hell…

To this end, I am going to record some select days where the temp is expected to climb past 90°f. I also plan to report how I felt and at what point I will be forced to turn the AC on. In the end, I will report what this cost. I will post a link here.

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A simple question!

Not me certainly…

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Biden is running!

Biden is running for another term, but he seems sick and tired. In many ways this condition represents his Party pretty well. Tired, sick with a touch of meandering as well. I guess after all, that tearing down a Republic can be pretty tiring.

I know that Biden will need another major disaster, if there is any hope for success in 2024. I’ll be standing by with baited breath to see what both he and his Chinese buddies can come up with.

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I will follow Tucker Carlson!

No matter where Tucker Carlson ends up, I plan to follow him. If he decides to form a new news program, I would urge certain members of the Fox club to join him. The end result can only be a winner!

His departure from Fox, is the beginning of the end, for that once very popular news outlet. But, boneheaded decisions suck as the Carlson firing will be their undoing.

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