Hail to the Thief!

Hey man. I ain’t no thief. I’m just a plain old crook!
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Please let us all pray! God is with us!

While billions no longer have any faith in God, that is the winnowing process of this the Creator’s proving ground on earth.

Our living God and His son are not some kind of sad players on a poor stage. Rather, the Creator is the unity and His son the bridge…..

I would say this. Of the billions who have been birthed, from some mother’s womb, and over the ages…. Only a very few will go forward, to the next challenge.

Those who will get a pass;

Fetuses who never were granted entrance to this world, will be granted entrance.

The sick, the poor, the uneducated who have lost all faith. They too shall have keys the Creators gate.

Those who did have riches, but who also shared to the many who suffered, they will move forward to the gate.

Lastly, those who coveted wealth, power or the control over those less fortunate. They shall not see dwell with God in heaven.


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Face Book what a great platform!

So, apparently this post on Face Book could not be processed…. See below

I’m sure that there is a very good reason why they did not want this to be seen. The link is at www.taneyweather.com!

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OK Biden. It’s go time!

Now that you and the Democrats have established their little cabal in Washington DC, it’s go time!

Here’s what I expect in the first 100 days;

A vastly improved economy! (This should be easy, now that the man who wrecked it, is gone)!

Much lower healthcare costs under the all new Bidencare!

Stable food prices! That includes a well oiled transportation network!

Stable or dropping gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane costs! [Keystone pipeline stopped].

That our children be safe and secure in the public and in schools. [Transgender bathrooms now the law]

A plan for effective trade with countries that really hate us! You get into bed with China, Russia or Iran, and you’re toast… literally! This is not a threat, only a promise.

Now that’s just the tip of the political iceberg, so to speak. And, Biden, I need you to refrain from blaming Trump, for any of your mistakes, for the next four years. This is your show and you can bet that some citizens, here in America, will being holding your feet to the fire… literally.

Failure is absolutely not an option. Nor is running away and hiding in your basement. You know like you did for most of 2020!

The clock is ticking, Biden. You need to hit the ground running…. you know like Trump did for four years.

Update: Biden has accomplished four changes that I’m aware of on Day #2; 1) Transgender bathrooms now the law, 2) The Keystone pipeline has been shut down with thousands to be laid off, 3)Border open to all and 4) Paris Accord restarted. ! Now, let’s see his progress on a scale I devised. Thus far, Biden has not promoted anything that would effect the US economy in a positive manner.

Ops! He’s already slipping a tad! But, that’s OK, he’s got four more years to improve things! (Yet, somewhere in the background, the noise created by 80 million grumbling has become more noticeable)!

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The purge has begun!

God bless the patriots who will fight for our Republic!

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Yes, it probably is just a matter of time…

My apologies for hijacking and changing this Far Side post from Larson.

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The Departed!

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DanO Pontificates!

I’m guessing that Joe will be looking like this a lot!
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Important message to all migrants!

When you cross the southern border, please move quickly into either state. They will have all sorts of free stuff for you, including brand new homes! Do not go elsewhere as you will not be welcome.

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Have faith!

Even as the dark forces of big tech and the Left, now all gone evil, do strut and fret proudly this night. I do believe the patriots and minute men are even now getting ready. This was not just a fight, of a moment. This is a fight for the survival of a Republic, decades in the making.

Please Lord, it us do what we must to clean out the Democratic butt boil that’s developed on the body politic of this great Republic!


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