We are Screwed!

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Eleven states elect to withdraw!

In the immediate future….

In the not too distant future, eleven states will choose to withdraw from to United States. They will do so under stress from the other states who choose to live under the insane state of affairs that Biden instituted.

While others may elect to join them, these will form the core of states seeking sanity.

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Forsyth Runs?

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It’s coming….


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Meanwhile back at home…

Abhorred by his own people, shunned by the world – No I’m not talking about Biden – Putin keeps on trucking…

Increasingly though by the stink and taint what Putin is doing in the Ukraine, he is coloring his people back in Russia. Increasingly, the world looks at them through red glasses.

Each day that passes, the world is growing accustomed to the people of Russia as supportive of such heinous conduct, each day they are condemned.

I wonder how low it will be before they react?

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Well we we’re due for a correction!

In the course of human affairs, there comes a time and a need for correction. For ages it has been death, but now with times moving so swiftly, it is words followed by deeds.

For over fifty years the United States has rested on laurels of past deeds. The first to our shores were castoff and crooks. Never-do-wells from the affluent English states. Hard men and women who began the Industrial Revolution and who endured two World Wars.

Cycle forward to today. Weak and spoiled to the point insolvency. A financial system on the brink of ruin with less that 50% paying the way. If more capitol in needed, why not print it, as paper is cheap!

There is but one way to move forward, to an end that does not end in disaster, and I believe that a few understand it.

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Storm clouds are headed our way!

Gather deep, your thoughts this day.

Storm clouds are definitely now headed your way.

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Inflation, war and betrayal!

Inflation, you have not seen inflation. War, you have not seen war. But wait, for the betrayal. The unique form of betrayal only a President like Biden can provide.

Stand up now to Biden and Putin.

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Lest we forget!

The world will not soon forget the treatment by Russia, to the citizens of the the Ukraine. My God someday forgive them, however, I know I won’t.

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Just how close are we?

Just how close are we to thermonuclear war, since Putin brought them up. He said that he was referring to ‘small’ 17 megaton warheads. I so demur, those were the size used in WW II against the Japanese. Ask the survivors if they felt they were small?

If they were to use even one against the people of the Ukraine, I’m positive the World would turn against Putin and Russia with a vengeance. (That he would even bring them up, shows his state of mind).

Today and tomorrow, we will see the rape of a land and a people. And will this satisfy Putin? No, probably not. He will go after the Baltic’s and as they are a part of NATO – Wham bam – The US becomes involved. You say I’m mad to think that? Maybe I am. But, remember this, it only takes one small missile to put in play a series of developments that in short order, they result in World War III.

Putin who do you think you are?

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