Elections going forward…

The November election of 2020 was different from any we’ve had in recent memory. For the first time, and due to the Covid-19 scourge, millions of American voted by mail…. or did they?

Having been the recipient of mail courtesy of the United States postal system for many decades, I can attest to the inconsistencies of service. I’ve had outgoing mail disappear, never to be seen again. I’ve had bank statements from someone else show up in my mailbox. I’ve had mangled mortgage payments show up a month later, never having reached their intended destination. Yes, I am asked to believe that broken down and aging agency somehow managed to get millions of ballots to and then from various state’s voting agencies in good time? Let’s just say that I have my doubts…

But, let’s say that somehow Biden, a candidate who typically garnered a few hundred at the few rallies he participated in versus the thousands who showed for Trump’s actually garnered 6 million more votes. And, somehow Biden managed to do that only in the key swing states…. Sort of like a magic act, it seemed to me. OK. Well and good. But, this will be the last election of that kind, ever. In the future, I can foresee the people of our Nation demanding in person voting, even if said voters have to wade through volcanic magma to do so.

I also foresee so interesting results, when the next Congressional election happens, in two years. Perhaps they will even be fair…

The thing is, I think the Democrats and Biden cheated. Pure and simple. In addition, I feel confident that Biden will investigated by the Senate on the payouts from the Ukraine, Russia and China in a quid pro quo scheme that involved his son, Hunter as well as other well known players. He will be found guilty and thrown out of office, leaving Harris to reluctantly set into his shoes. I could even foresee individuals, such as Pelosi, work to make that investigation happen. Sleepy old Biden had done his part and will soon to be cast aside for someone that is at least not demented. These are the kinds of scenarios that the elite in the Democratic organization truly excel at. They work behind closed doors, parse their public statements and tell everyone what to be afraid of and how they will fix it… for a price. These are the kind of people that are an anathema to the functioning of any free Republic.

Assuming that the election was, in fact, rigged. (It was)! The American public should be in for some ‘exciting times’ in short term. Biden… no, scratch that.. Harris will go, all in, on; opening the borders, defunding the police, freeing dangerous criminals, removing the Electoral College and taxing the living hell out of corporations…. Companies that will merely pass that along to the hapless public. You know, the public that Biden swore he would not tax…. Look at it this way, no more tax breaks people, with a 7% higher price on consumer goods. See, what I mean about parsing. Biden will not directly tax us, corporations will tax us. Sweet deal. Yes?

The only fly in the Left’s rampaging march towards Socialism, is the fact that the Republicans still have the Senate majority. A fact that is going to hurt Biden severely moving forward. I strongly feel that most true Americans (I’m discounting the eleven million undocumented aliens currently living here) really want just a few basic services from their Federal government; they want security at our Nation’s borders, vs a vie the military and they want some control over interstate commerce. That was all the Founding Fathers ever saw the role of government ever being in control of. In my opinion, the two Houses of Congress have since become morbidly obese and even cancerous at their core. The orgasmic party, for many of our paid servants goes on nonstop, with little to no thought about the people they were elected to serve.

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Beef Merlot by Healthy Choice!

Whenever I decide to have a TV styled dinner from the frozen food isle, I like to go with such meals as those provided by Healthy Choice (a member brand of the Conagra company).

On the short list of things I like with the Beef Merlot meal is as follows;

Gluten free

180 calories

Low sodium at 575 mg

Lo Carbs at 24g

Great taste

Easy to prepare – see below

The above are all ‘hot button items’ for me, an aging man who is maintaining his weight via a good diet.

When I say easy to prepare, I’m talking 4 minutes in an 1100 watt microwave and you’re basically done.

On sale, this meal can be had for $3 which makes it a player in my book.

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Thanksgiving… meh!

Traditionally, Thanksgiving Day, is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Looking back on 2020, I’m sorry, but I was having a bit of difficulty this year…

Beginning, and happening right off the bat in January, America was visited with an infectious virus from China. A virus that went on to wreck havoc for individual citizens and for businesses in America. No, I was not very thankful for that.

Then, there were the riots that spread all over America, over the alleged killing of a black man by the police. Upon investigation and after reviewing police and medical reports, he had a interesting cocktail of substances in his body that would easily and likely did kill him…. the officers knee notwithstanding. The guy was also apparently something of a crook. And, yet factions of the extreme Left aka Antifa and BLM took it upon themselves to destroy hundreds of businesses (many black owned btw) in what? The name of justice?? Again, I was rather pissed off and whatever love I had had for blacks had pretty much dissipated.

Then, there was the election in November. An election that saw tens of ‘mail-in’ ballots to wit there was a very high likelihood of shenanigans to be exploited. I feel quite certain that what should have been a cakewalk victory for Trump, was upended by cheating in key swing states. This bit of bullshit continued the divide that was growing in America, and which was spread by the Left leaning mass media.

So, as our country was headed into the day, November 26, we were all supposed to be thankful? Biden the lame as President, Governors like Cuomo and Newsom busy locking down entire states, An economy with a National debt of 27 trillion and no end in sight. A country almost at each other’s throats! You know what, I plan to hunker down and wait for 2025 when Trump is once against asked to take the reins of a smoldering wreck of a Republic. Assuming there is anything to salvage.

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The world versus China on Covid-19!

Antarctica. A better place for viral research.

It is a fact that some Chinese scientists and the government of China showed an incredible amount of naivety when they elected to have, not one but two, level 4 bio-research labs in a very populous part of the Chinese mainland. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province in the People’s Republic of China. It is the largest city in Hubei and the most populous city in Central China at just over 11 million.

Adding insult to injury, the two labs were situated only a few miles from a wet market. A market that is packed with all sorts of live animals, birds, fish and even bats. (You know, the sort of bats that are known to carry the SARS virus, as in various strains of the coronavirus… such as the Covid-19 disease).

Way back when, I hung out with a group of American born Chinese, while I attended Southern Illinois University in the early 70’s. Frank Chin was my neighbor in a duplex I lived in off campus. I believe that he was pretty typical of just about everyone I’ve ever met of his race. Energetic, very intelligent and precise. Not the sort of individual or mentality that would be carelessly slinging viral particles around in a lab that was literally drowning in a sea of humanity…

At best, the release of the SARS-CoV-2 viral particles was insanely sloppy. At worst, it was fully intentional. Either way, I believe that there are grounds for the world courts to bring some form of charges for the deaths of over a million souls and counting. I’d really like to see that happen…Perhaps, just as it took that second plane crashing in to World Trade building 2, everyone might finally understand the potential for terrorist and societal de-stabilization that might be involved here.

The truth is, we all live in a very dangerous and a volatile world. At the very least, there might be developed mutual agreement among all the developed nations, that these sorts of labs need to be relocated in places where few humans or animals are present… Perhaps, somewhere in the antarctic, would be a good choice.

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Just playing solitare!


Sometimes good connections, in space, are not enough.

‘Teliometric spindles so fresh and so pure! At each infant’s birth, so strong and so sure! Each cell that does so divide… Keeps silent count, by which it must always abide. Time moves on, and we all will surely see, each person’s gene’s expressed from both of thee. Then, as it happens, some grow of older age, with teliometric shredding their end times prophetic sage.’ DanO

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An old man eating soup…Vegetable beef soup

While sitting in a cafeteria at a care center, recently, I heard an old man state: ‘Good living is like a bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup. It’s a crazy mix of assorted veggies with some meat tossed in to make the whole thing work. It takes effort to prepare correctly, quite a while to cook, but in the end it’s an awesome experience.’

I told him that didn’t make much sense to me. He responded to my by asking, ‘Do you even like making soup?’ He asked with a concerned face.

I said no, not particularly. Too much work. Me, I like the canned stuff. You know, it’s quick and cheap. He smiled, took a spoonful close to his mouth, blew on it and then gulped it down. ‘There you go’, he said with a smile. You just made a Democratic Party case for me…. That which is good always comes at a cost to build. That which is cheap also comes at an even higher cost… over time’.

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Strange times….

Look at this in Wisconsin! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42AM, when they learned he was losing badly. This is unbelievable!

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Pretzel candle grilling (PCG). Will a new eating craze soon sweep the nation?

Forsyth MO.In an otherwise completely nondescript small town located in southwestern Missouri, a revolutionary new grilling technique was born. The question now is just how popular the practice will become!

I was sitting at a local bar on an otherwise droll sort of cheerless day in January where the outside temperature was near freezing. Unfortunately, so was the bar due to a heating unit failure. So, it was, in an attempt maintain a modicum of body heat, that I had absconded with a small candle sitting on the bar that gave my chilled fingers some small amount of life-giving heat….

There I sat, sipping my brew-ski while watching flat screen TV at the far end of the bar. Suddenly, a somewhat strange looking man sitting next to me, roughly reached over and grabbed my candle. I was sure a fight was brewing when he did that and looked at him with a glare. Instead, the strange man smiled at me and proceeded to take a pretzel from a bag, slide it onto a straw and then held it over the flame. After a moment or two, he grabbed that morsel and ate it. A smile of satisfaction breaking out on his face.

‘I say there. sir.’ I intoned in a strident tone of voice that broke. ‘ But, what the heck are you doing with those pretzels and MY candle?’

He smiled back at me, and then handed me the straw and another pretzel and said, ‘Here. Give it a try.’

As I was a bit flummoxed and unsure, I decided to do as he had instructed….. Then, after a moment or two, I grabbed the now warm morsel and ate it. Too my great surprise, it was incredible, as there was a hint of pumpkin pie taste that must have been given off by the pumpkin pie scented paraffin.

After that moment, it was with wild abandon that we both began to grill pretzels while drinking, laughing and watching the fog given off each time we exhaled into the cold bar air….

And so, something new came out of the evening, as I intend to bring pretzels and candles with me on my next visit….

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Biden Biden Biden… It’s all about Biden!

One of the fun things to watch in 2021, as Biden gets an even stronger grip on America’s tender throat, will be his attempts to backtrack Trumps trade efforts into something more suited to a child parent relationship. While billions were pouring back towards America vi a vie strong trade deals under Trump, Biden is looking forward to more than reverse that flow of cash. After all, Chinese citizens are suffering so much..

Other big changes coming our way will be sky high gasoline and fuel oil prices as Biden unceasingly attempts to cut off oil, natural gas and coal flows from the US. This will once again place the US in a position of buying said supplies from the Middle East and Russia… Two of our very closest friends. Meanwhile, Biden hopes to reanimate failed solar company Solyndra into an even bigger disaster all at tax payers expense. His latest inspiration will be to have that company make beanie caps with little propeller driven generators that will transmit power to the grid via WiFi. He rightly figures that if 340 million adults were given the beanies and were forced to wear them, as much a 100 megawatts of free energy will be made available for our government to tax the hell out of.

On a lighter side, the country can now settle back to doing what the Democrats do the best – Tax and spend. No one will now have to pay any attention to that dreary old National Debt Clock. I mean who can comprehend the meaning of all those negative numbers. I’m sure the Biden administration will fix all of that over the next four years…. Just like he’s going to help blacks and Latinos… Bruhahaha.

For myself, I plan on heading south, this coming spring, to watch the tidal wave of humanity streaming into the US. I’m told the sheer numbers of arriving immigrants will look something like the Mississippi River! I plan to hold up signs that will read something like HEAD FOR WASHINGTON DC FOR FREE EVERYTHING. I’m positive old generous Joe will loosen up taxpayer money to cloth, house and feed them.

Yes sir. The year 2021 may just surpass 2020….

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Dumboacracy. The new model for the Biden years!

I’ll say it just one more time. This to all the useful idiots who voted for Biden based on his promises.

Free stuff for everyone

Forgiving college loans

Wide open borders as an act of kindness

No taxes on those making less than 100K.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

They’re all lies meant to make just one thing happen. To get Biden and his acolytes back into power, and to help insure that he and his friends will never be out of power again.

Two new realities folks; 1) The party in Washington DC will continue unabated, and 2) The suffering of the middle and lower classes will increase dramatically. Bank on it.

President Trump was the only President who actually worked for the People and against the Deep State. A situation that the left found intolerable. A state of affairs they could never let happen again. Why? Because just as he delivered higher wages and increased opportunities for minorities, so then would that trend have likely continued. Ergo, the Democrats would simply have no base from which to work with going forward… likely ever again!

In my post, entitled Dark Times Ahead, I dug into some of the more sinister maneuverings, I felt, that Joe Biden will engage in in the coming months…. (Actually, I’m not sure how long Joe will last as Ms. Harris might have other plans for him in the short term…). Whatever. For a country that is literally drowning in debt, the American people picked the absolute worst man for the job that one could imagine. Examples? While he pledged no one whose income was under 100K would pay additional taxes, he did also pledge to slap a 7% increase in taxes for corporations that made more than 100K. Guess what the result of that will be? Those very same companies will merely raise the prices of their products about 7%, to wit the average Joe will be saddled with a new hidden tax in the end. Yes, they will certainly get it in the end…

But wait! There’s more. How about that $15 minimum wage he promised? What’s the average corporation going to do about that? Well, there’s increased investments in automation, (i.e. fewer employees), increased product prices (that new hidden tax thingy again) or they’ll just trim the ranks… to the tune of an estimated 1.3 million lost jobs in 2021. Can you say wow? Thanks Joe!

And that open borders idea. Just how will admitting millions and millions of mostly uneducated and sick immigrants affect our overburdened healthcare system? I predict it won’t be very good. Not that it will matter much to true Americans, as even getting to see a doctor will be somewhat of a challenge..

Lastly, there is the Green New Deal. A climate changing package for the good of all earth… No, in reality, spending ten to twenty trillion taxpayer dollars in ten years will only go to make the rich richer. Replacing coal, gas and oil with windmills will also have a very sobering effect, as tens of millions find themselves without a job or electricity. Another brilliant idea coming from our boy Joe…

In quick time, I see our Republic totally skipping socialism in favor of communism. You know, that system by which everyone now owns what you formerly had. Good luck America. You’re going to need all you can get.

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