For you weather buffs out there!

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Every morning!

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At some point, you have to say they’re crazy…

Biden, Pelsoi and the rest of the Democrats – are crazy pure and simple. What I don’t get is how the rest of us are reacting.

I applaud Texas as real people reacting in true fashion. Faced with a true invasion and no Federal help, they just dig in and handle the problem themselves. Now, if we could just get the rest of the country to handle the energy problem….

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Don’t you get it?

There are two groups involved; Biden and his group and Ki and his Chinese conspirators. They have conspired a coup that is impossible to believe, in a game of world domination.

They conspired to release a disease in the form of a virus, never caring for those who died. as long as they achieved their ends. The plan is decades in the making.

Look at this world…..

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An almost perfect plan!

A small group here in the US along with Communist Chinese leadership got together years ago a cement together a plan to bring down United States leadership while at the same time increasing China’s role as a super power.

And, it almost worked…

Covid-19 – Develop a virus that would selectively kill the old. In China’s case they had nothing to lose. Old people contribute nothing to a Socialist State, while it had the effect of destabilizing the world.

Diversions – Keep peoples eyes on a assortment of problems – All orchestrated by the Deep State. Travel related problems, breaks is the supply chain, normal Americans under attack – it goes on.

Cripple – Destroy or greatly reduce the nation across the board by changing America from Energy Independent to Energy Dependent. The was Biden’s very first move.

Over-run – Biden second act was to over-run the country by millions, people who were used to working for minimum wages and who would vote Democrat.

And you just sat there and took it…. Biden and the hard core Democrats are not your friends.

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Now this!

Since Biden assumed the reins of office, here is the net effect nine months in;

  1. The immediate shutdown of the pipeline from Candida. (Canada went ahead and sign a deal with China). Now with winter coming on our enemies (Arab and Russia) are putting on the squeeze.
  2. The complete open of the southern border with well over 1 million people from 80 countries making their way into ours. And, our State Department is assisting them with taxpayer funds. And, if they want to work – no vaccination needed.
  3. Failed policies surrounding Covid-19 that have lead America with a broken transportation system, the effects of which are just being felt.
  4. A (whatever the amount) bill who’s real purpose was the mind-blowing stuff buried within the 25,000 pages. Some of which will insure Democratic wins in the future.
  5. And who could forget Afghanistan….

And now we face a possible Energy crisis….. Sky high fuel and heating prices going into the coldest time of the year! You be the judge, is the government working in our best interests.

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Wake up America!

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Now is the time!

Now, is the perfect time to review how each of shops. Particularly since a lot of us will go with out must have items, in the months to come.

In particular, I am referring to products that come out of China…. Have a hunger for all things oriental – try Taiwan.

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He certainly does…

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Biden lies!

Don’t listen to the man of many tongues. He lied with every word coming out of his mouth! Note: I was going to post this on Facebook but they seemed to be busy?

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