Winter Travel – Be Prepared!

survive1When I got up this morning there were only a few flakes coming down and its too warm for them to stick. The effect, however, is enough to get me to thinking about the sort of winter we will have this year. The weather service is using the catch all word ‘variable’ to describe what we can expect. Sounds like a cop out to me. Why can’t they just say, ‘We have no clue?’

Whatever the outcome, it’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle(s) are well stocked and prepared for inclement weather. As a matter of course, make sure to check your tires and battery before the advent of really cold temps. These are the two most often experienced problems that motorists have this time of year. Also, if you live in a rural area, make sure to put together a little survival kit in case you get stuck somewhere far from home. Key items would be a fully charged cell phone, candles to help keep warm, food, a good thermal blanket, a whistle and flares. This stuff is a pain to cart around, but if you’ve ever gotten stuck far from home on a dark night as I have, it can really save your bacon.

About forsythkid

I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who is currently residing in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy hiking, camping and all things related to gardening. I rec’d my degree from SIU majoring in Biology many moons ago and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology, the Finnish language and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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