Moringa seed planting – Day 1

[Posted in DanO’s Garden] – My Moringa tree or ‘Drumstick’ seeds arrived from India yesterday, December the 16th. I was amazed that while the seeds were inside a regular seed packet, they were also enclosed in a tiny white box complete with packing material. I’m only guessing that this was done to keep them from getting squashed as they are rather large as seeds go.

The directions on the package stated that they needed to be soaked in water for twenty-four hour prior to planting. I decided to place two seeds in between some layers of paper towel that was then soaked with water and placed into a baggie unsealed. After a day, the seeds were then placed, one each, into two peat pots that also have Miracle Gro potting mix in them. I noticed the mix was a little dry when I originally placed it into the pots so I also soaked these in a tray of water for seven hours prior to planting. As per the package instructions, the seeds were planted to a depth of about and inch and were then placed in a larger baggie that was also left slightly open. (I think it best to refrain from sealing the seeds when attempting seed germination to avoid problems with molds and fungi). This whole deal was then parked over my TV set which is warm when the set is on (most always) and which also` allows me to keep an eye on them.

So, now I will have to wait to see what happens. If and when I get germination, I will plant a couple more. I received ten seeds for $4 so I sure do not want to waste any. If they do germinate, I have a dual bulb florescent fixture in the kitchen area that should supply more than enough light early on.

Hopefully, my next blog on this subject will be to talk about two small Moringa plants!

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