Random Thoughts for January 14, 2011

Has the focus of the Tucson Arizona shooting been misdirected? Yes, I think it has!

More and more, I find my mouth hanging open as I watch the media circus that circles around everyone in the wake of the disaster that occurred in front of a Safeway store in Arizona. Jared Loughner is apparently a very sick individual who simply exploded. A person that suffered a psychotic break that tragically caused the injury and death of many fine people. But, that is all it was. Just a sad, sick man with no safety net to protect him from himself or from performing catastrophic actions against others. (Note to everyone: he is still to be considered innocent until convicted in a court of law). This fact, however, has not stopped the media and politicians from climbing up on their respective soap boxes to tell us poor, stupid people what we should think and who we should blame.

I would ask my readers this. Where is the dialog now, concerning the appalling way in which the mentally ill are mishandled in this country? Where’s the safety net to identify and catch them and, in so doing, protect the rest of us? In light of recent events, it appears shabby and full of holes! Jared, over the past few years, gave the military, teachers and law enforcement personnel every opportunity to identify him as someone who needed help. Help he so desperately needed! But, for whatever reason, no one acted. Now, while pundits point fingers across political isles, no dialog has been forthcoming as to the effective profiling of Jared and people like him. Pima county Arizona has an estimated twenty thousand mentally ill who run the gauntlet from safe to the very dangerous. Statistically, I wonder, how many would that make for the entire United States? What are we doing to catch and help these poor souls? Will this tragedy play out again?

The verbal attacks on Sarah Palin: By golly, I think I like her even more!

As one of the unwashed masses, I love to watch media outlets like the loons at MSNBC, even though they would not count me as a worthy viewer. This station routinely performs hilarious character assassinations on anyone they feel might lean even vaguely of the right… wait, let me correct that statement. They castrate the left, middle and especially the right. Remember that guy on late night television with the Ginsu knife?  See, it slices and dices! That pretty much describes this station’s agenda.  The amount of damage they inflict depends on just how wacko the script handed to them was. Only the far left seems safe from these folks. A group, by the way, that represents just one percent of the US populace. Their current market share also reflects this fact. The more they talk, the lower their ratings plummet. Maybe they should just do a program where they don’t actually talk! (I might even watch that if they would play some soothing music in the background).

Sarah Palin, my girl, hang in there! The people who really count, support you and by golly, we understand that term ‘blood libel’. It has nothing to do with the Jews in modern America lingo. For us, it has everything to do with the alienation and riff that continues to grow between an elitist government and the people ruled by said. No one is going to change that meaning for me or for millions of your supporters. Nuf said.

About forsythkid

I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who is currently residing in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy hiking, camping and all things related to gardening. I rec’d my degree from SIU majoring in Biology many moons ago and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology, the Finnish language and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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