River Run Park! An alien invasion point?

Strangely, an aerial view of River Run takes the form of a bird of prey!
Nestled deep in Ozark country in an obscure location in southwest Missouri lies a federally run public use park known to locals as River Run. A place where strange events may point to an alien invasion as reported by Billy Sims.
Forsyth MO.– Located just to the west of the small town known as Forsyth Missouri, River Run Park looks innocuous at first glance. Seen from high overhead one is immediately struck with the appearance of the outline of a birds head! A bird of prey at that! With 32 camping/RV sites each with a covered picnic table, electrical power and water supply one would think it an average, garden variety park where people go to enjoy the great outdoors. That’s what one would assume. But. Things may not be as they appear. Take those canopy covers, for instance. In early December 2013, 14 of them were removed along the river’s edge leaving a forest of steel poles stretching skyward. Why was this done? To what end? Some of the local citizens think they may have answers….
Dan Owen, an aging local resident, has lived on the outskirts of the park for many decades. His home is strategically perched up on a hill that overlooks it, and so provides him with the perfect observation point with which to watch what transpires down below. According to Mr. Owen, over the years, this park has provided many a strange, and even possibly alien events over the years. I decided to let Dan describe some of these in his own words…
“Well yes sir”, Dan told the reporter one afternoon in the early spring of 2014, “that there place makes my skin crawl and I don’t know why! It’s just all them strange things I’ve observed over the course of time that’s got me to wondering what the heck fire is going on!”
When Mr. Owen was asked by the reporter if he could be more specific, he related the following.
“ Why yes, I understand you young writer fellas wanting some detail. OK, well how about them lights! Yes sir, sometimes late at night, I get me a strange feeling. Kind of an electric tingle shoots through my body that gets me all jittery, so I get out of bed. Well sir, sometimes when I’ve gotten up and have looked out back towards the park, why I’ve seen me some looking strange lights that moved here and there random like!”
“Couldn’t those have just been car lights?” The reporter inquired with a slight smirk on his face.
Dan’s wrinkled face crunched up as he eyed the young man closely for a long moment. Then with pursed lips he stated a little tersely, “ Naw sonny, I know me the difference between car lights and lights that ain’t on no car! Them lights were a moving, why they moved up and down and this a way and that a way. I’m telling you it just weren’t natural looking!”
“OK…” the now skeptical reporter asked slowly, “what else have you seen, Mr. Owen?”
“Well now, just hold on to your garters, boy! This here tidbit is the real deal. I done saw them
Is this an alien antenna array?

government agents take the tops off 14 of the campsites. They done left nuthin but steel poles all sticking up skywards! Looked to me just like one of them NASA antenna arrays, I’ll tell you right now! I thought to myself that just mebbe they was a transmitting something to the aliens!”

I could see that the old guy was getting a little worked up at that point and tried to calm him down somewhat.
“Now sir, I’m sure there is a logical reason why the Corps of Engineers would remove all those canopies.” The reporter continued. “I saw them laying around on the ground, in the park, when I drove through it on my way to your place.”
“Oh, yeah!” he responded. “You tell me, reporter man, why someone would go to all the trouble to take off that many of them metal tops! Why they must weigh a couple of hundred pounds or more each! No, I’m purty sure that we gonna have us an alien invasion and it’s gonna be pretty darn soon!”
“Well, I can see your point,” he told him as he packed up his gear. “ I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what develops. Meanwhile, I’ll be sure to get this story in the local paper, Mr. Owen.”

With that the reporter took his leave. As he departed, the old man gazed after him and muttered, “well boy, I’m gonna keep watching the sky over that park, I’ll tell you sure. Yes sir, you betcha. I’ll be watching the sky…”

About forsythkid

I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who currently resides in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy blogging and politics. I received my degree from SIU majoring in Biology in 1972 and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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