How a simple bowl of red can really sink your diet!

chiliBy itself, a simple bowl of chili using the following ingredients, is low in calories. Following are the actual ingredients and amounts used:

.87 lb hamburger meat, 81% lean 19%fat

14.5 oz can of petite tomatoes withe sweet onions

15.5 oz can of red beans

17 grams of Williams original Chili Seasoning

Garlic salt and pepper to taste

Dash of Cayenne powder

All told, this great looking eleven ounce bowl of chili (see picture above) contained only about 400 calories (1.3 calories per gram). Not bad! But, here is where many of us (me included) get into a little dietary trouble, when you add these popular items:

Chopped onion ā€“ 40 grams – 18 calories – not too bad..

2 tbsp shredded cheese ā€“ 27 grams – 110 calories – whoops!

6 saltine crackers ā€“ 30 grams – 126 calories – not really needed!

Holy baloney! All of a sudden, a seemingly innocent bowl of red has grown itself some caloric teeth! So, what can one do and still keep this meal down to say 500 calories?

Rule number one! Cut the portion into about half! Rather than starting with 11 ounces of chili, try cutting back to something like 6 ounces (170 grams). Also, try reducing the shredded cheese to under a tablespoon and maybe just three saltines or even zero! Wow! Now you have a meal deal at only about 350 calories! See! And, you now also have enough extra room for perhaps a small vegetable salad! Easy is as easy does!

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