Biden’s Ship of State already seems listing to port!

Biden’s January progress in some key areas he is responsible for. (I was going to post this at the end of January, but at the rate Biden is destroying the country, there may not be any need to wait)!

The Border – Score F

Joe deciding to give amnesty to anyone who shows up at the border will be a real game changer. Both in terms of the potential for the spread of disease and the load that huge numbers of ‘migrants’ will put on an already weak the economy.

The Economy – Score F

In January the economy was showing some signs of recovery, in spite of the horrific numbers of Covid-19 related deaths all across the country. Biden is doing his best to reverse that trend with job killing energy reversals. I’m waiting, with baited breath, for his announcement of his Green New Deal!

Energy – Score F

By closing down the Keystone Pipeline, Biden placed tens of thousands out of work (both directly and indirectly) and ‘poof’, changed our nation from an energy producer to an energy consumer. (My advice. Just ignore Biden and proceed with the work, anyway).

Food prices – Score D

Food prices were moving upwards, most likely due to disruptions in the transportation network. The historical benchmark is a 2% annual increase in the cost of food.

Pilot Travel Center 060616

Gas prices – Score F

President Biden has quickly and dramatically reset the priorities of the federal government. On his first day in office he sent a clear message to the American people: pursuing radical environmental policies matters more to him, rather than helping poor and working-class families.

Trade – Score C

After only three days in office, Biden has not yet gotten around to ‘fixing’ our current working trade deals which are working just fine. But, let’s give him a few more days…

Transparency – Score F – Biden is producing Executive Orders with no input from the the rest of the country. (Biden seems to be attempting to piss more people off than there even are people in the US). Biden is sucking for a bruise and if he keeps it up, someone’s going to likely oblige him…

Stock Market – Score F

‘Investors have also been closely monitoring the first moves of the Biden administration. In his first days in office, President Joe Biden already signed a number of executive orders addressing key issues including the coronavirus pandemic, and unveiled a national virus containment strategy that included ramping up vaccine supplies to be able to administer 100 million vaccines in his first 100 days in office. He is poised to sign more executive orders addressing the virus-induced economic strain in late January.’ That said, it looks very much to me like the markets are getting ready for a fairly massive correction.

Unemployment – Score F

The number of Americans filing for new state unemployment benefits dipped to 900,000 — down from the previous week but still high by historical standards, signaling the economic challenges facing the Biden administration.

Cumulative Score – Only 12 out of 36 possible points! – Horrific! Absolutely horrific! That said, let’s inspect his economic progress in graphic form…

Gee willikers! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a broken graph like this before! I’ll try and fix it and will get back to you.

OK. Fixed!

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