Biden’s March 25 news conference predictions!

I thought I might as well put it out there that I feel Biden’s March 25th news conference will come and go and will leave millions of Americans with a really bad taste in the mouths.

Since Biden took office back on January 20th, there has been a very long period of silence at the podium where curious reporters could ask serious questions that affect all Americans. Most all of Biden’s comments to the press, to date, have been one or two liners as he was headed to go somewhere. Shouted questions such as, ‘Mr. President will you be visiting the border anytime soon?’ Were answered with comments like, ‘No, not at this time.’ Answers with little to no ‘meat on the bone’, so to speak.

But, all that will change when Biden gives his very first news conference on March 25th. On that day, while under the glare of TV lights, Biden will be sure to make remarks for a number of minutes at which time he will address… what. No one really knows. But, high on the list of items Americans WANT to hear about would be; 1) the border situation with young kids in cadges, 2) the economy and what 2 trillion dollars did you our National Debt picture, 3) energy related questions, such as why is the price of fuel is spiking at a record pace and 4) where our the country headed going forward.

All great talking points. However, I don’t think Biden will have much interest in addressing most, if any of them. (He simply lacks any interest in those topics). No, I personally think that he will be addressing what a great job his did in; bailing out Democratic states, the Covid vaccine he developed, future AOC New Green Deals that will cost trillions and a super massive tax hike that will send hundreds of corporations packing to far shores. He will also preach about unity, racial fairness and his progressive ideas, even as just the opposite is happening all across a highly divided and volatile Nation.

Then the real gem of that conference will finally arrive. The question and answer period where reporters finally get to air out the really tough questions…. I predict, at that penultimate moment, Joe will pull a real surprise on everyone! Here’s a hint. There is a disaster coming, you need to be afraid of it and here’s what I’m going to do to you to keep you poor urchins safe. And of course, he will require increased power and control. All hail the emerging mega Government!

Stay tuned America, things are about to get very interesting.

About forsythkid

I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who is currently residing in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy hiking, camping and all things related to gardening. I rec’d my degree from SIU majoring in Biology many moons ago and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology, the Finnish language and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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