How a story can be told using only gasoline prices!

While it’s true that I’ve posted some strange blog posts in the past, this one my be an all time winner.

One afternoon, and because I became curious about a statement that press spokesperson Jen Psaki made about the high gasoline prices in early 2021, I charted out some historical gas price data.

As a person who suffers with a high degree of OCD, I like to track all sorts of purchases that I make into a data file. One of those would be my gasoline purchases made over time. As if that were not enough, I’ve also saved all my receipts. (A stockpile of records that go back to early 2016). Here’s an example of a typical entry;

So, Ms. Psaki had fielded a question, from the press core, as to why were gas prices going up so fast nationwide in the early part of 2021. She responded by saying that gas prices were merely going through a ‘surge’. Something that was typical every spring. And she was right, to a point. In the graph shown at the top, I’d taken sample gasoline pump prices from three periods of each year. W = winter, S = Spring/Summer and F = Fall. For the years 2016 on forward and then graphed them out. These were actual purchases I’d made over time for which I had hard physical copies of the receipts.

When looking at the graphs, you might note the small green, red or purple ‘trend’ lines that I placed to represent the direction of gas costs for any particular year. In almost all cases, the cost of gas was cheaper in the early going of any one year (less demand = lower prices) and then rose as the demand increased over the spring through the fall months. The sole red dotted line represented a ‘what if the virus never occurred’ sort of scenario and the purple line are just me speculating for the future.

In 2016, President Obama was just finishing out his last year as a two term president, and I remember that time very well. The country was in the dumps with the annual growth of the GDP on life support. After all, we’d have eight long years of the doom and gloom mantra that is typical of the Democrats when they hold a majority. They like to make people afraid while telling them how they can fix stuff if only enough money is thrown at it. They also love regulations and the more the better. And, if a crisis happens to come along, they always take full advantage (never let a good crisis go to waste) kind of thinking. On a good note, gas prices were pretty low. (After all, sluggish economies don’t generate much demand).

Towards the end of that first year (2016), it sure looked like that sort of fatalistic mindset was going to continue, as Hillary was considered all but a shoe in the November election. Sadly, it was being advertised by the Democrats that more tough times awaited our country, even as the Democrats valiantly promised to salvage what they could… But, then something totally unexpected occurred. Hillary lost and some cocky business tycoon name Trump won! Everyone, including me, was in complete shock.

Then, everything changed as we entered into what I call The ‘Trump years’, 2017 through 2020. Trump was the bull dog in the proverbial china shop in the way in which he managed. He was not only just transparent, he used Twitter multiple times most days to let American know his most private thoughts. Heck, Americans knew if he’d blown his nose on any particular day. But then, the true magic of having a savvy businessman as the leader of the country, began to become very apparent. First and foremost, Trump believed in deregulation. Secondly, he also believed in tax cuts for the average worker. Both of which he went after in a manner as only Trump can do. And, over just a little bit of time the magic began to evolve. The economy caught on fire and didn’t pause to look back. Trumps efforts in the first couple of years yielded amazing stats; black unemployment at a historical low, the same with Latinos and Hispanics. Women were making great strides in all areas of the economy. There were no wars. Bad trade deals were rescinded, while new one that befitted America were crafted and implemented. The border was secured and a deal was struck with Mexican authorities. America was back, baby!

If you look at those first years, you’d note that gas prices were actually creeping upwards. Why? Because our economy was on fire and demand for fuel was increasing almost every quarter. So, we were paying more at the pump. (Most Americans, I feel, shrugged and perhaps even smiled). But, Trump, being Trump, decided that no he was not OK with that. He embarked on a plan to make America energy independent and by gosh that’s precisely what happened! As a matter of fact, he was so successful, that by the start of 2019 we experienced an oil glut! (Perhaps some remember how oil got so cheap per barrel that the refineries weren’t making any money)! Tough times for them, great times for most everyone else!

During those three years, and even as so many were benefiting, there were those who hated everything that was happening. Was it the Russians? Or maybe the OPEC or even China… No, the hatred was occurring right at our capitol, in Washington DC. The hate was coming from a liberal cartel chaired by Pelsoi, Schumer, the Clinton’s and other Leftists. (Individuals who I feel lusted after raw power and who were dismayed at witnessing their carefully machined socialist model being torn apart by a capitalist supremacist name Donald. (To their dismay, the dead cow they had planned to eat on, was apparently coming back to life)!

And, it’s not like the Democrats quit and went home. No, during that period of time, the Democrats pulled out every stop to find a way to eliminate Trump from political existence. Seriously, it was three years of hell for that man and many who were associated with him. (I won’t bother to go into any detail here, as I’m sure those events are seared in most Republicans memories). Yet, through all the hate and the roadblocks that were erected by the Left, Trump and our Republic sailed on through. So, I guess you could say that it was the best of times for the conservatives and the worst of times for the extreme Left.

What happened next will have to wait for some time, until historians can figure it all out. But what is known for sure, is that in early 2020, it took a worldwide pandemic to tear everything down. Millions upon millions died, thousands of businesses closed for good and the economy was left in tatters. (I suspect that some Democrats rejoiced behind closed doors and then studiously began to capitalize for all they were worth on one of the biggest disasters ever seen in modern times). Suddenly, the Democratic Party, which had been headed for the dustbin of history.. had new life, new hope and a purpose.

That brings us up to the present time. A time where by whatever means, a Democratic leadership became the new Captains of the Ship of State. Biden, in particular, wasted no time in reversing as many of Trumps accomplishments as he could via executive orders, irregardless of how much those reversals might hurt Americans going forward. The Party of ‘tax and spend’ was BACK and boy were they ever on a tear.

Now, just a month or so into office for Biden, what a changed landscape we an all see. Trillions upon trillions spent, open borders with millions of foreign nationals likely to pour in over the next twelve months and a huge tax increase being hinted at for next year…to mention just a few. I’ve reflected on the effects of all that, in to the coming years on the graph. Listen up everyone. It might be a good idea if you were to research two words; stagflation and hyper inflation, for they will become a serious part of most citizens lives going forward.

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I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who currently resides in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy blogging and politics. I received my degree from SIU majoring in Biology in 1972 and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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