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The moon was super!

I understand that the moon was very close overnight and that it won’t be that close again until 2024! sadly, I feel asleep and didn’t get a shot of it until the morning hours as it was getting ready to … Continue reading

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The Dawn Mission coverup?

[Originally published Mar 26, 2015] OK, this post is a work of pure fiction, although as of this writing the two bright spots seen on the Ceres minor planet continue to puzzle scientists. But, I couldn’t help but think what … Continue reading

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Looking back at the Earth from 114 million miles away!

Whenever I get to feeling too big about myself, I make it a point to take a celestial stroll. Can you see those two little dots of light? It’s the earth and moon from 114 million miles away. Now, click … Continue reading

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Mars to make close approach to earth in August 2010… False!

On August the 27th and in the days leading up to this date, Mars will come within 34.65 million miles of the earth. But, don’t get too excited according to Myles Standish, an expert on planetary orbits at NASA’s Jet … Continue reading

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Next US disaster on the horizon – Solar Storms?

Uh oh. “The Sun is waking up from a deep slumber,” NASA ‘s Richard Fisher says. It looks like old Sol is going to be in a cranky mood when it becomes fully awake, ready to wreak havoc on gadgets … Continue reading

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WHO – The Swine Flu is spreading at an ‘unbelieveable’ rate.

article by Forsythkid The World Health Organization may have additional worries as the yearly flu season is fast approaching for countries in the northern hemisphere. WHO Director General Margaret Chan was quoted this week as stating, “This virus travels at … Continue reading

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Are We Looking Down the Barrel of a Stellar Gun?

Article by the Forsythkid

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