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Biden and one lesson learned!

Joe Biden and the Democrats are learning (maybe) the lesson that says; ‘don’t crap where you eat!’

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Year two of four now gone by.

Can you believe we are two years into the four terms of Joe Biden? And what a two-year period it’s been! You name an area of our economy; Joe Biden and his Democratic has been there and wrecked that. And … Continue reading

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What’s Biden’s next disaster?

He arrived as President courtesy of election fraud (that’s a proven fact). He immediately mismanaged fuel infrastructure, our boarder integrity and helped craft the war in the Ukraine. Whatever will he do next? Well, Covid-19 is definitely off the table. … Continue reading

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Whats News!

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Inflation, war and betrayal!

Inflation, you have not seen inflation. War, you have not seen war. But wait, for the betrayal. The unique form of betrayal only a President like Biden can provide. Stand up now to Biden and Putin.

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Let me recount!

Since obtaining office a little more that a year ago Biden has: Stripped the US of her ability to re remain energy independent. Opened our southern border allowing countless people of questionable backgrounds in. Spent more money than all who … Continue reading

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At some point, you have to say they’re crazy…

Biden, Pelsoi and the rest of the Democrats – are crazy pure and simple. What I don’t get is how the rest of us are reacting. I applaud Texas as real people reacting in true fashion. Faced with a true … Continue reading

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Don’t you get it?

There are two groups involved; Biden and his group and Ki and his Chinese conspirators. They have conspired a coup that is impossible to believe, in a game of world domination. They conspired to release a disease in the form … Continue reading

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An almost perfect plan!

A small group here in the US along with Communist Chinese leadership got together years ago a cement together a plan to bring down United States leadership while at the same time increasing China’s role as a super power. And, … Continue reading

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Now this!

Since Biden assumed the reins of office, here is the net effect nine months in; The immediate shutdown of the pipeline from Candida. (Canada went ahead and sign a deal with China). Now with winter coming on our enemies (Arab … Continue reading

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