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Local taverns. Are they fading away?

Even before the Covid-19 scourge from China arrived in the United States, big city and small town bars and grills were feeling the pinch of popularity. Even in 2019, there were smaller crowds, perhaps because there were fewer patrons with … Continue reading

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Mediacom’s problems intensify!

Forsyth MO – Mediacon (sic), a local cable company serving a broad swath of America was showing signs of possible infrastructural decay as some of their servers were down more than they were up, in recent days. Repeated calls to … Continue reading

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The origin of my random thoughts!

‘Just another scribble, on a pristine canvas, on which the artist was never competent enough to touch a brush upon…’

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McDonald’s Quarter Pounder! An old man’s perspective!

I’ve come to the hard won conclusion that eating food from McDonald’s is best left strictly to the young and the able bodied! Twenty somethings can easily shrug off the boatload of calories, salt and saturated fats that comprise so … Continue reading

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A type of hunger!

My words, my thoughts, on this cold night in January – DanO

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Obama Kicks The Oil Industry While They Are Down

The federal government is about to issue landmark regulations aimed at slashing methane emissions from oil and gas operations. The Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations could come along with several other federal rules that will impact the energy sector. In the … Continue reading

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When is enough – enough?

America’s youth…Never give up! Never surrender! At some point in time, you realize that your scribbles as a blogger in the darkness that we call cyberspace is for naught. At that point, you might say ‘enough’ and then retire…. strangely, … Continue reading

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The Regulation Nation!

What’s the one thing this nation has way too much of? Some might say politicians. According to a 1992 Census Bureau study, there were over half a million. And, while the bureau never repeated the study, it might be a … Continue reading

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Things to look forward to in 2015!

Two and half more months of cold, icky weather!Little to no greenery! Cyber attacks! Stagflation! & Two more years of Obama’s unique form of leadership! This post represents the sole opinion of the author and is for informational purposes only. … Continue reading

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Our Wheel of Destiny!

Even as many environmentalists today raise strident voices over concerns of global warming, a few little people such as myself embrace the concept wholeheartedly! You see, it takes money to heat ones home in the winter where I live. And, … Continue reading

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