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Why two vaccines?

I got to wonder why the Covid-19 vaccine was to be administered in two shots, two week apart… I official answer is that the first shot evokes a ‘weak’ immune response. So, a second is needed. Then, I go to … Continue reading

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What’s really going on?

Sometimes the truth is way stranger than fiction!

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New Covid-19 variant. A ticking time bomb?

A new variant of the coronavirus that is hyper infectious is spreading across the globe. It was first identified in the United Kingdom, where it is rapidly spreading, and has been found in multiple countries. And while we need more … Continue reading

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What is going on?

During a pandemic, such as was occurring on planet earth in 2020, understanding ‘what’s going on’ is kinda important. Those adept at risk analysis, need certain bits of data to aid them in decision pertaining to movements and things they … Continue reading

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