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Critique: Banquet’s Mexican Style Enchilada Meal

By way of preamble, I understand that a few years back, before the advent of Obama-economics this meal cost something like .88 cents. Today, in 2011, it’s currently about a buck. And Banquet folks, thanks their inventive ways, have produced … Continue reading

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Critique: Marie Callender’s Salisbury Steak!

To date, I’ve written several critiques covering Salisbury steak offerings from; Healthy Choice (Score = 8), Lean Gourmet (a 7), Michelina (a not so solid 7) and Banquet (also a 7). Other than price differences, these meals tested as OK … Continue reading

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Critique: Stouffer’s stuffed Pepper entree!

At $4.65, I felt that I had really splurged when I bought what had always been a favorite in days gone by. The packaging looked just the way my homemade peppers looked when I made this recipe from scratch! At … Continue reading

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Schwan’s mini Deep Dish Pizza a failure?

I recently purchased a box of 6 ‘crispy, 5-inch deep dish crust is loaded with slices of premium, smoky pepperoni, along with creamy, 100% real Mozzarella cheese.’ And, while the taste was awesome (a solid 8), and they are super … Continue reading

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Critique: Schwan’s Roasted Turkey Meal!

Commercial picture For some time, I’ve wanted to give Schwan’s Home Delivery a try. I finally had a chance to order a batch of food including one Roasted Turkey meal a TV dinner if you will. The cost was $4.50 … Continue reading

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Critique: Schwan’s French Baguette Bread!

Fresh and warm! According to Schwan’s Home Delivery, their French Baguette breadis ‘easily stored in your freezer, it’s a happy day when the aroma of freshly baked bread fills your home. Our bread is crispy on the outside and soft … Continue reading

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Critique: Smart Ones Pasta Primavera!

‘Tender bow tie pasta with broccoli florets and julienne-cut carrots in a creamy Parmesan sauce.’ That’s the description on the cover of this Weight Watchers 250 calories TV dinner! It was on sale for $2.50 and I decided to give … Continue reading

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Critique: Smart Ones Chicken Oriental

In my limited view of things, if a TV dinner has the word ‘oriental’ somewhere in the description, it’s basically some version of chicken chow mien! This product of the folks from Weight Watchers was on sale at $2.50 at … Continue reading

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Critique: Tony’s Supreme Crispy Crust Pizza for One!

In general, my experiences with so-called ‘single’ servings of pizza have not gone very well (see my critique on Freschetta pizza). Those little boxed items, found in the freezer section of many grocery markets, are oftentimes an impulse purchase for … Continue reading

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Critique: Michelina’s Fried Chicken Fritter

I’m a real sucker for any TV dinner (no matter how minuscule it might be) that can be had for just a buck, so I sprang a moldy dollar out of my wallet and bought one! I was a little … Continue reading

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