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Memorial weekend 2016! A sad time for a once great nation.

Memorial Day occurs at the end of May in any given calendar year. In general it comprises four days, those being Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And while it is a somber holiday.  A day (Monday) is set aside for … Continue reading

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Is a massive California earthquake near?

Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center has just issued a potentially dire warning when he stated that the San Andreas fault is “locked, loaded and ready to roll”! Jordan issued the warning during a keynote speech at … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, the petulant child who would be king!

The man or woman that we elect this fall to take the reigns of a very troubled country will likely be our last chance to save the Republic, if it can be saved at this point. Whoever takes over as … Continue reading

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Is the Freedom from Religion Foundation a group of nut jobs?

PO Box 750 Madison WI 53701 608-256-8900 Email: info@ffrf.ord No! Despite the rumors that this group is largely comprised of homosexuals, atheists and Democrats with a smattering of neo Nazi’s thrown in for good measure, I’ve found one or two … Continue reading

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Is the current Gen X kinda of passed out!

Gen X – Political no-shows’ America’s young men and women! The so-called Gen X citizens! – Where are they standing when it comes to the pressing issues of the day? I’d surely like to know! Issues like Obama-Care, Russian aggression, … Continue reading

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Meat! It’s what’s for breakfast!

Call me insane, call me slow, just don’t call me late for the dinner bell! After getting on board with the concept of a Paleo Diet, I have begun to make some variety of lean meat a part of every … Continue reading

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Is it time for America to roll out the CD card?

In this case the CD card is Civil disobedience, which has been defined as; ‘the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power’. Perhaps it’s his dysfunctional Congress that’s … Continue reading

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Wanna lose a package – ship it via USPS!

I sure hope the recipient in Campaign-Urbana enjoys the stuff I bought! Ah, but will it end up there?? It’s my hope that this wayward package will eventually get to me. However, I promise to update this post, from time … Continue reading

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Illinois to become the next illegal’s haven? Cool!

The Land of Lincoln will become the third state, behind New Mexico and Washington, to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses. Read more: My thoughts: It just keeps getting better and better! What’s next Obama? Will it … Continue reading

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Californians lead charge in the right to be ignorant!

This past Election Day, Californians struck down Proposition 37 which would have required labels to be placed on food that had been genetically altered. One group, whose name is ‘We Love Ignorance’ or WLI, called this vote the start of … Continue reading

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