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Egg, milk and fried potatoes!

One of my ‘go to meals’ for breakfast is the combination or whole milk, fried eggs and fried potatoes. All three are very affordable, store well and preparation is fast! Whole milk – 1 cup of whole milk contains:  30% … Continue reading

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An egg, a couple of biscuits and some gravy!

Each and every time I manage to get back on track, diet wise, I seem to then wander a bit in a culinary sense. On this day, I was overcome with a desire for some biscuits and gravy, so to … Continue reading

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So, one day I took a closer look at breakfast!

Each day, I arise only to run to the kitchen, as I am completely starved! Often times, I gravitate to a simple meal deal consisting of two eggs, toast and sliced potatoes (cooked in hot oil)! But wait, just how … Continue reading

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Making the perfect sunny side up fried egg!

While there are a many ways to prepare an egg (boiled, poached, scrambled..etc); sunny side up is theway I happen to like mine prepared. Getting one to turn out well, though, has always been a challenge. In the past, they’ve … Continue reading

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Will eggs now spike in cost?

With the recent recall of millions of eggs now receding from the collective consciousness, is there still trouble brewing in chicken city? Click here for my somewhat controversial blog entry.

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