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Using blankets over windows in the wintertime! Is it worth it?

While think-tanking back in November of last year over a few bottles of beer, I came up with the idea of covering my sliding glass doors with large bedspreads to aid in keeping out the cold (see A Blanket Experiment). … Continue reading

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Using space heaters to save on heating costs.

If you’re a person that hates paying high electric bills, then the later fall months are the best in that regard. I’ve been able to go for half of September and all of October so far with both the AC … Continue reading

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The real cost of ‘always on’ devices

I suspect that my home is pretty much representative of most out there. Like everyone, energy costs have been of increasing concern. A recent rate hike of 13.5% that took affect in September 2010 will mean an increase of about … Continue reading

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China and her aircraft killer missile program.

Now why would a country of 1.3 billion people, the vast majority of which live at a subsistence level, want to develop a missile that could take down a US aircraft carrier from 900 miles away? Hmm? A move that, … Continue reading

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America and Her Back-Assward Energy Policy

Excuse my poor use of the English language, but sometimes it helps me to be expressive even if it is at the expense of grammatical correctness. It’s just that, like so many other fellow citizens I’ve become more and more … Continue reading

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T.E.D. The Total Energy Detective Update!

I’ve now had my TED for about a year and even though my gateway unit died, it was promptly replaced and is working well now. I was impressed with the professional service (something that is lacking in some companies) and … Continue reading

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The Worst Cold in Twenty Years Means Higher Heating Costs for Many!

Record Cold spells that last longer than a few days are like some relatives and all fish. 🙂 The longer they hang around the more uncomfortable you can become. The current spell of cold weather has just entered its third … Continue reading

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The Energy Detective Seems to Work Great!

Today was a fun day for me. I had just purchased a TED (The Energy Detective) device online that is supposed to help me keep track of my energy usage. Part of the install required me to place two detector … Continue reading

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A Plan for Getting Your Electric Costs into Line!

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TED – The Energy Detective – The Real Story Coming Soon!

This last week, in order to get a better handle on my energy costs, I ordered a TED. TED (The Energy Detective) is a simple, yet extremely accurate, home energy monitor that will allow me to see electricity usage in … Continue reading

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