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Crude oil prices may hit $200 a barrel according to the CEBR!

Crude prices will touch $200 a barrel (up to $8 a gallon US) if the Arab revolution spreads to Saudi Arabia, the Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said on Friday. ‘… the revolutions around the Arab world have … Continue reading

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China and her aircraft killer missile program.

Now why would a country of 1.3 billion people, the vast majority of which live at a subsistence level, want to develop a missile that could take down a US aircraft carrier from 900 miles away? Hmm? A move that, … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father and more!

For reasons that just now elude me, I’ve become interested in finding what books I can that relate to the Founding Fathers of America. That would include biographies and such as might pertain to men and women of note who … Continue reading

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Will Greece’s financial problems spread?

If one were to ask why the Grecian economy is failing, one might sum it up in two words, Goldman Sachs and their use of ‘creative = dishonest’ accounting practices. Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide a huge hole in their … Continue reading

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