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Nine hundred million today, a couple of billion tommorrow!

I try, as best I can, to follow world events from an armchair perspective. Been that way for years. When the internet came along in the nineties, I had even more ways to gather and look at news events from … Continue reading

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The Westboro Baptist Church followers are no shows in Branson!

Thursday, April the 27th, was to be the date and time that the WBC was planning to protest the Charlie Daniels concert at the Mansion in Branson Missouri according to their web page! Apparently, the followers of the Westboro Baptist … Continue reading

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Hey! What happened to my summer?

It’s like some big switch that was thrown somewhere as I slept. My hot summer has turned into cool autumn and now I miss the heat. (I’m finicky that way). This morning I awoke to a reading of only 57 … Continue reading

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Jon Stewarts Rally to Restore Sanity

Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, is planning a rally for us moderates on October the 30th, the weekend right before the elections. Mr. Stewart is holding this rally because he sees that the voice of moderates is being drowned out … Continue reading

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My, how encouraging. A new military satellite!

An Atlas 5 rocket carrying a national security communications satellite is in orbit after an early morning launch. The rocket launched at 7:07 a.m. Saturday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. It took into space the first of … Continue reading

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Next time, try more C4!

A reported attack on the convoy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, was actually a teenager throwing a firework, officials and a witness say. Khabar Online, an Iranian website, had reported earlier on Wednesday that a homemade grenade exploded near Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s motorcade … Continue reading

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Forsyth Fun Day

It’s a BBQ Challenge and Forsyth Fun Day to be held this coming Saturday, July the 17th at the Shadowrock Park. Call 417 546-2741 fro information on competing in the BBQ challenge. From 9 AM to 12PM there will be … Continue reading

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Taney County Missouri Fair 2010

One would think, after shooting hours of video, that I would be able to come up with some sort of story line to present what was a most excellent five day event. Trouble was, a County Fair by its very … Continue reading

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Thryllbilly Band performs at Fair

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