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McDonald’s vs Sonics online ordering!

Relatively recently, some of the mega-sized fast food venues such as McDonald’s and Sonics, have introduced online ordering. I’ve tried McDonald’s and found it to be worthwhile, if only because you can check out any ongoing deals before ordering. This … Continue reading

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McDonald’s mobile app review!

As an occasional visitor to McDonald’s, and since we had one located in my small town of Forsyth Missouri, I decided to download their mobile ordering app to see how well it would work in real life. Right off the … Continue reading

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Random thoughts for October 10!

Jerry the Berry signs yet another great law in California! California’s governor, Jerry Brown, on Friday signed a law that lowers the penalty for exposing partners to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor, which includes those who donate blood … Continue reading

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A wet morning’s breakfast in Forsyth Missouri!

With October 2016 just barely begun, a nice soaking rain greeted the 5th day of the month! I arose early, not out of any real desire to do so, so much as due to my various aches and pains. (Inflamed … Continue reading

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Small town French dips!

I will admit to certain culinary cravings, (even now as the Keeper of Time admonishes me with a wagging finger not to). A French dip sandwich au jus, when properly assembled on a plate with crispy French fries, would have … Continue reading

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McDonald’s please wise up!

What is it about McDonald’s that I’ve somehow cultivated such a raging love hate relationship? Over the years, I’ve made a pointed mental effort to avoid that drive thru of ‘dietary hell’. Sure, I know that McDonald’s offers some pretty … Continue reading

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Table salt. The hidden dangers!

Commercial table salt (you know the stuff you get at the store) is created by taking natural salt (or crude oil flake leftovers) and cooking it at 1200° Fahrenheit. Once the unprocessed salt is heated up to this temperature, it … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Quarter Pounder! An old man’s perspective!

I’ve come to the hard won conclusion that eating food from McDonald’s is best left strictly to the young and the able bodied! Twenty somethings can easily shrug off the boatload of calories, salt and saturated fats that comprise so … Continue reading

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An atomic hotdog!

I found that sprinkling even a small amount of fresh Habanero pepper (little red bits in the picture) on your typical plain Jane hotdog will definitely make a statement of heat in the overall scheme of things. Thankfully, the very … Continue reading

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When mis-communucation is the only communication there is!

I pulled my car into the McDonald’s Drive-Thru this afternoon and had no real idea why. My mind must have short circuited directly from my stomach to my arms as legs as they simply took over and steered my vehicle … Continue reading

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