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The house on a hill.

Somewhere in the US – It was 1:45 AM, an insane time for anyone to be awake, much less an aged man. But, I was shivering, even as I was deep under the covers. ‘Did the power fail’, I wondered … Continue reading

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Another book?

While this novel doesn’t exist (yet) and is a concept of pure fiction. One wonders what 2021 will bring to America….

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Screw Em Good, the survival handbook!

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Stranded on the Mun!

In a far away location in space exists a planet known as Kirbin. It’s a nice little planet populated with friendly inhabitants known as Kerbals. A race that is actually ahead of us on planet earth in terms of its … Continue reading

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A Sunday trip to McDonald’s!

‘Oh boy! I’m going to the double Arches today!’ That was my thought as I motored on over to the local McDonald’s for lunch one overcast Sunday afternoon. The past week’s diet had been pretty much blown all to hell … Continue reading

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It’s semi, sorta official – the spring floods, they are a coming!

An updated photo of the canopies in their ‘safe location’! After much thought, some study at the local library and from talking with any number of ‘experts’ around town, I’ve come to a conclusion. That is, that the reason the … Continue reading

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River Run Park! An alien invasion point?

Strangely, an aerial view of River Run takes the form of a bird of prey! Nestled deep in Ozark country in an obscure location in southwest Missouri lies a federally run public use park known to locals as River Run. … Continue reading

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The mystery of the misshapen jelly dispensers!

This picture may be unsuitable for younger viewers! It doesn’t take much to upset my nice and tidy world. I’ve learned how to duck out, tune out and otherwise not notice that my country is falling down around my ears. … Continue reading

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Dan’s Produce Outlet of America: A business miracle?

In what historians will surely refer to as a genuine ‘rags to riches’ story, Dan’s Produce Outlets of America have officially become a national treasure. Whether you’re talking about Dan’s cabbage, Dan’s tomatoes or even Dan’s bananas, Dan’s Produce Outlets … Continue reading

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Invasion of the winged tics! Part 1

Part One – A chance encounter I’m not sure of the exact date I first noticed the tiny bugs flitting around my room. I remember thinking they were some kind of weird fly. They were way too small to be … Continue reading

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