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Strange looking equipment located at Hwy 160 and Y!

Forsyth MO. – After one of the more observant Taney County residents noticed device attached to a pole at the intersection of Y and Hwy 160 in Forsyth. Curious about it myself, I made an effort to contact a city … Continue reading

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Liberty making changes to area park!

Forsyth MO. – Canadian based Liberty Utilities is planning some fun new additions to their park located near Forsyth Missouri by the Powersite Dam. After seeing a drone image (above, supplied by Marcus McClamrock) I called the electric utility and … Continue reading

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Forsyth MO BBQ and boat race…..

Just a bit of Americana. A snapshot of small town USA where a free people participated in celebrating life. Never understanding what what happening up north with our government. Please check out this 2009 slice of life!

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A quick picnic at River Run Park!

On a Tuesday in late July day, at around noontime, I decided it would be a great idea to go down to a local part for an informal picnic. The weather was picture perfect at 82°F, as is it this … Continue reading

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Market ing keys to success!

 A few random thoughts about the value of advertizing in a competitive marketplace. In order to survive in a highly competitive market, a small business needs to use most every trick in the trade in order to survive. No where … Continue reading

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River Run looking good for 2014 season!

It’s May, the weather has warmed and the grass has been cut! River Run Park is now open for business and it’s missing just one thing – you! I stopped there this day to have a quick lunch while watching … Continue reading

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The Works breakfast at Charlie’s!

Charlie’s Ribs Steak and Ale in Forsyth MO. serves up a full  menu breakfast including the Works – a hearty breakfast offering that is still a good deal at $5.49 when I posted this in late April 2014. Sadly, I’m … Continue reading

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River Run Park! An alien invasion point?

Strangely, an aerial view of River Run takes the form of a bird of prey! Nestled deep in Ozark country in an obscure location in southwest Missouri lies a federally run public use park known to locals as River Run. … Continue reading

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Random thoughts for February 10th!

Snow snow, please go away!! Old Man Winter, you’ve been a total grouch this year! So, get outta here! And, please take your crappy low temps with you when you hit that door marked exit! As of the tenth of … Continue reading

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Is River Run Park in Federal disarray?

One side open and the other closed! Why?? As a long time resident of Forsyth and one who happens to live adjacent to River Run Park, I could not help but note the rather odd behavior I’ve observed lately by … Continue reading

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