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A micro study of our government at work!

If ever there was a good example of governmental FUBARism on a micro scale, it’d be the Army Corps of Engineers and how they recently responded to a request to slow down traffic in a local park near Forsyth Missouri! … Continue reading

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Amanda’s poem

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A few area food prices at the beginning of 2013!

As we are all still basking in the radiant afterglow of a most magical President; a man who was re-elected by a landslide and who most recently crafted the passage of a fiscal reform bill, I thought it a good … Continue reading

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Line Jumper Shocks Senior Crowd!

It was with some shock that I can report that a certain individual, who recently attended a lunch held at the Senior Friendship Center, had little or no training in the ‘niceties’ of civil behavior. Not wanting to identify this … Continue reading

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Recycling update: Experiment in on track!

Update: Earlier in January of this year, I embarked on an experiment to try and track what the amounts and types of trash I was throwing out on a daily basis. Included were five groupings; aluminum, steel, paper, plastics, compost … Continue reading

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That old bridge over Bull Shoals!

It’s been quite a while since the east 76 bridge over Bull Shoals was first built. That was way back in 1931 when gasoline cost ten cents a gallon and a new car purchase would set you back $640. Since … Continue reading

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What makes an eatery succeed in a community?

When talking about restaurants (one of my favorite topics), I sometimes have wondered why some do so well while others close their doors after only a short time in business. That seems to happen quite a bit where I live … Continue reading

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My Big Breakfast adventure at McDonald’s!

“Perhaps the only thing that can be said for my becoming morbidly obese is that there are no more rungs on that ladder to climb!” That was a passing thought I had in my head just before sitting down to … Continue reading

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Russian scientists disclose that Phobos is artificial!

Imagine the hysteria that would result worldwide if the little explorer mission to a Martian moon dubbed Phobos-Grunt was to discover that the moon known as Phobos was actually artificial! In what I think would be very similar to the … Continue reading

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Wish you were here!

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