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Forsyth MO BBQ and boat race…..

Just a bit of Americana. A snapshot of small town USA where a free people participated in celebrating life. Never understanding what what happening up north with our government. Please check out this 2009 slice of life!

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Pillsbury and their not so ‘hot tasting’ cinnamon rolls? Wrong!

Recently I made an impulse purchase of Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls with caramel icing. (I did this just to see if I could possibly push my incipient diabetes over the top)…. Whenever I purchase something I haven’t tried before, I … Continue reading

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Rockaway Beach has three bars…again!

Rockaway Beach Missouri is a small town (population 900), that in many ways is typical of a still struggling US economy that just can’t seem to get off square one. One business will open there and almost instantly, another seems … Continue reading

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Adventures with Dumpster Denny Chapter 2!

Chapter two Once outside, I hastened to catch up with Denny’s retreating back. For such an oddly shaped fellow, he could certainly cover ground quickly, I thought. My own intuition, not to mention his direction of travel, informed me he … Continue reading

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Memorial weekend 2016! A sad time for a once great nation.

Memorial Day occurs at the end of May in any given calendar year. In general it comprises four days, those being Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And while it is a somber holiday.  A day (Monday) is set aside for … Continue reading

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Is a massive California earthquake near?

Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center has just issued a potentially dire warning when he stated that the San Andreas fault is “locked, loaded and ready to roll”! Jordan issued the warning during a keynote speech at … Continue reading

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So, one day I took a closer look at breakfast!

Each day, I arise only to run to the kitchen, as I am completely starved! Often times, I gravitate to a simple meal deal consisting of two eggs, toast and sliced potatoes (cooked in hot oil)! But wait, just how … Continue reading

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No buns, no problems!

On a few occasions in the past, I’ve wanted a good old juicy burger, but found myself lacking and any buns. Not to be denied, I through a quarter pound burger on a toasted slice of Italian bread and went … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, the petulant child who would be king!

The man or woman that we elect this fall to take the reigns of a very troubled country will likely be our last chance to save the Republic, if it can be saved at this point. Whoever takes over as … Continue reading

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The origin of my random thoughts!

‘Just another scribble, on a pristine canvas, on which the artist was never competent enough to touch a brush upon…’

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