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I will follow Tucker Carlson!

No matter where Tucker Carlson ends up, I plan to follow him. If he decides to form a new news program, I would urge certain members of the Fox club to join him. The end result can only be a … Continue reading

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It all comes down to one channel – Fox!

Of the many channels available I watch only one, Fox News. Specifically the Five, Hannity, Judge Judy and of course Tucker. My only disparagement is the commercials. I mute one and all, and can honestly say that I haven’t bought … Continue reading

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Fox News needs to wake up! Rx corporations are evil!

While the programing content remains excellent, many of their commercials have got to go! These days when ‘break time’ happens, I often do one of the three: hit the mute button change channels turn the TV off Why? Mostly it’s … Continue reading

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The coming American Revolution! Will it be happening soon? Is it needed?

// We are all living in very fast paced times, and some things that are happening here at home (as of late) are troubling to many! – although, I’m not advocating anything presented here in this video. That said, I … Continue reading

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