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Time really is in very short supply. Don’t waste it.

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Devil or angel? A multi-level statement of life!

To me, in 2021, it might refer to multiple levels of existence; men and women, religion, political party’s and more…… The Holy conception. Earth, Man and Women. The Holy Trine – And a God. who birthed all on the smallest … Continue reading

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Earth and the moon from a million miles out….

My name is DanO. I live on a rocky asteroid that is very dark except for a lighted cross just down a small path from my modest home. Every once in a while, I will go to a window and … Continue reading

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On this day!

I’m never sure where I go in the world – my only beacon is God –  a very bright and shining star on stormy seas! And strangely, I’m very sure of His existence, whereas others are not…

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Iran should take heed: At some point, the US may have nothing to lose.

With all the turmoil going on in the Middle East as of late I have to wonder as to the timing and ultimate impact that the impending overthrow of local governments will have on western powers. One thing is for … Continue reading

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Why are we wasting so much time with homosexual issues?

According to some sources, about 1% (3 million) of the population is inclined to even consider same sex marriages. OK. So what? About the same number are raging maniacs. Personally, I don’t hold too much with individuals that exhibit aberrant … Continue reading

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