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The year 2023 could be interesting!

Take your average American family. Or even your average American. They endured one hell of a lot over these past two years, including increased sickness, loss of income due to inflation and a near complete breakdown in the supply chain… … Continue reading

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Hillary to usher in new era!

Well, it certainly looks to me that on January 21 of 2017, Hillary Rodhammer Clinton will become the next President of these here united states! And, what an amazing agenda she is rumored to have! Among her many main foci, … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts for March 2012

Atheists definitely need a place of their own! Seems that the 200 or so Atheists who currently reside in the US (God bless them) are at it again. This time they’re suing the State of Pennsylvania over a proposition calling … Continue reading

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