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How Democratic Mayors handle virtual cities!

There is a popular city building desktop game that goes by the name of Cities and Skylines. In the game, you can build up a city complete with residential, commercial and industrial zones. It not unusual to have 60K plus … Continue reading

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Pretzel candle grilling (PCG). Will a new eating craze soon sweep the nation?

Forsyth MO. – In an otherwise completely nondescript small town located in southwestern Missouri, a revolutionary new grilling technique was born. The question now is just how popular the practice will become! I was sitting at a local bar on … Continue reading

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Things I learned…

Coming soon… Random Thoughts! Once again I plan to pontificate on numerous random topics of personal interest.

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A Muggy sort of day!

Mid fall is the time of year that I wax poetic. I even become a bit melancholy and listless. On those sorts of days, I just pick myself up and head out to a local watering hole…. In my smallish … Continue reading

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A grilling station and me!

While walking through a local park, one afternoon, I spied an old rusty cooking grill that had seen better days. Standing there, I wondered how that grill would have looked like when it was shiny and new? I thought that, … Continue reading

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My first (and possibly my last) podcast!

At some point in my long existence, you’d just have to know that I would discover that I had a mic attached to my Microsoft headphones! And from there it was a short jog to making a podcast! Actually, my … Continue reading

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Of venues in small town USA!

For no real reason, one afternoon while driving down the main strip in my small town of Forsyth MO, I had occasion to reflect on how a place with a population of only two thousand should support seven eateries. Each … Continue reading

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Strategies to avoid high summer AC bills!

Let’s face facts. Many of us are becoming more and more strapped for cash as the perfect storm that is the Obama Effect continues to squeeze Americans from all sides. And now with summer on the way, a lot of … Continue reading

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Adventures with Denny Chapter 2!

Chapter two Once outside, I hastened to catch up with Denny’s retreating back. For such an oddly shaped fellow, he could certainly cover ground quickly, I thought. My own intuition, not to mention his direction of travel, informed me he … Continue reading

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My Adventures with Dumpster Denny!

Chapter One My name really is DanOmanno Dingo. A name that caused me all sorts of trouble while growing up. You, dear reader, may call me DanO. And proudly, I’m now a duly certified and professional Dumpster Diver thanks to … Continue reading

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