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On online love, sex and relationships. A manual for everyone!

[note this illustration does not represent the actual cover of the work to be released] Hold onto your garters Dorothy – it’s certainly not Kansas anymore! Along with the explosion of techno-everything in our physical world, there has also been … Continue reading

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Proper hand washing more effective than vaccines?

This last October the 15th, a group of organizations launched an initiative that promotes hand washing as something that ‘can reduce the spread of often fatal diseases and acute respiratory infections.’ Its organizers estimate that hand-washing with soap could save … Continue reading

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The day the super flu strikes.

With most of the national attention focused on job creation and the economy these days, it’s easy to see why not much press is being devoted to other issues. Among these would be the potential effects resulting from a virulent … Continue reading

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Hippie Hula Hula Hoops are fun!

That’s the name of a small business that two enterprising young people, named Nate and Jenny, I met at the Taney County Fair in Forsyth Missouri. They sell a toy that was made popular in 1957 by California’s Wham-O toy … Continue reading

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Jon Stewarts Rally to Restore Sanity

Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, is planning a rally for us moderates on October the 30th, the weekend right before the elections. Mr. Stewart is holding this rally because he sees that the voice of moderates is being drowned out … Continue reading

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America’s On-going Swine Science Experiment

On any given year, the US produces over 300 million tons of animal waste in it numerous CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. One of the larger sites may house over 800,000 pigs at any one time. CAFO’s are known … Continue reading

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Heinz Ketchup Cuts Salt Content

Pittsburgh-based H.J. Heinz Co. is messing around with the recipe for its flagship product, reducing the sodium content in a move that the company described as the first “significant” change in the nation’s dominant brand of the tomato-based condiment in … Continue reading

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Evolution of a Subsea BOP

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