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Cincinnati chili on a cool rainy day!

It’s not uncommon, during the month of March, to see cool and rainy weather arriving at my adobe located in southwest Missouri. In my mind, that’s always been a perfect opportunity to cook up a hot steaming batch of chili! … Continue reading

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Man! Was he ever grilled!

I heard that his name was Patty and that he often got hot when others would make fun of his name. That man was certainly no ham, but he was a burger. His few friends were all spuds who were … Continue reading

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Something dead in bread!

While I was searching for a meal that might fit into some semblance of a modified Paleo Diet aka DanO Diet, I threw together a hamburger on a slice of bread with a side of taters concept. The ‘fries’, were … Continue reading

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Diet review – Hamburger patty and steak fries!

One lunch time meal I like, and which doesn’t kill a diet completely, is the combination of a hamburger patty and Red Robin steak fries! While I don’t count or track the condiments, as they don’t add up to much, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti on cool fall days!

Whenever the weather outside gets snarky, as in the upper 40’s with lots of rainfall, I like to get busy in my kitchen. This day, I elected to have myself a steaming plate of pasta. I used the standard spaghetti … Continue reading

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A Subway lunch with Brandy!

On an otherwise uninviting November day, I had the good fortune to partake in a Subway lunch with a very lovely lady named Brandy… Brandy, who is of Asian decent (and who I understood loves to eat sushi), reluctantly conceded … Continue reading

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WTF for lunch!

In the old days there was the infamous SOS (or as it was commonly referred to by the dysphemism ‘Shit on a Shingle’). A meal that was composed of creamed chipped beef on toast and which was very common for … Continue reading

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