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McDonald’s mobile app review!

As an occasional visitor to McDonald’s, and since we had one located in my small town of Forsyth Missouri, I decided to download their mobile ordering app to see how well it would work in real life. Right off the … Continue reading

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McDonald’s please wise up!

What is it about McDonald’s that I’ve somehow cultivated such a raging love hate relationship? Over the years, I’ve made a pointed mental effort to avoid that drive thru of ‘dietary hell’. Sure, I know that McDonald’s offers some pretty … Continue reading

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Critique: McDonald’s Egg White Delight!

Nutrition includes EWD and hash browns! There’s no doubt about the fact that the newest McMuffin addition to the McDonald’s breakfast menu is a whole lot healthier than the original. While it’s true that the real McCoy doesn’t look very … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Drive-thru!

For millions of Americans, those Golden Arches beckon one and all, every day right about noon time. Menus on billboards proudly display pictures of Super Big This with oversized bags of That for all to see and desire.  (Could heroin … Continue reading

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