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Let’s Light Up the Gulf!

According to the Coast Guard the crude slick in the Gulf of Mexico now has a circumference of about 600 miles, covering about 28,600 square miles (74,070 sq km). That is slightly bigger than the U.S. state of West Virginia. … Continue reading

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The Icelandic Volcano’s eruption. Does it portend a change in climate?

For more than a month now a volcano known as Eyjafjallajökull located about 75 mile southeast of the Iceland capital of Reykjavik has been spewing ash as high as 50,000 feet causing all sorts of air travel interruptions in the … Continue reading

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The reason more Americans may be prone to Allergies!

by Dan Owen In recent years, there has been a huge jump in the number and severity of people who are suffering from allergies of all manner and sorts. Even young children are now becoming more susceptible. The reason for … Continue reading

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Early Spring 2010 Fishing on Lake Taneycomo!

It’s March the 5th and the rush is on for fishermen everywhere to get their boats and fishing tackle in order. I am lucky enough to live close by the Powersite Dam that divides Taneycomo upstream and Bull Shoals down … Continue reading

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Tilikum May Have to Stay at Sea World…but!

But, that doesn’t mean the public has to attend what has become one of the most disgusting displays of animal abuse I have ever witnessed. According to a former trainer, Jeff Ventre, ‘letting Tilikum out to sea isn’t possible.’ This … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s pretty darn cold out there!

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Maybe all that warming is in Al Gore’s head?

While record cold has been recorded early in this 2009- 2010 winter season, that is no reason to think it will continue. At least according to Al Gore. He’s sure the heat will continue! I’m writing this article after just … Continue reading

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Weather for the Holidays in Southwest Missouri

Some of my friends have been inquiring as to what they might expect in the way of weather for Springfield and places south of the I-44 corridor. I’ve been listening to the weather service and while we can definitely expect … Continue reading

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The Flooding of Two Parks in Forsyth Missouri – Nov 09

I have written a couple of blog entries now concerning the two small recreational parks that are located close to Forsyth Missouri in southwest Missouri. In what has now turned out to be a wetter than normal year, both of … Continue reading

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Storms bring more rain to Forsyth Missouri

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