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There’s something to be said for endless repetition, and the Far Left has embraced that concept to the max. But, lately I’ve grown very tired of watching President Obama and others of his ilk stare into the camera while telling … Continue reading

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Just how long do we have left anyway?

150 Million BC – I am a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A dinosaur roaming the earth, doing as I please. Confident that I am the top dog and will continue to be the big kahuna over all I see! Hell, I’ve lasted … Continue reading

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The crumbling of America from the inside.

Even while America continues to prosecute a war that has gone on for over a decade at a cost of trillions of dollars, our crumbling internal infrastructure is now accelerating at a record pace. It seems no matter where you … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts for December the 10th 2010

What is wrong with the members of congress? Do they not get it that the average American’s fuse is getting shorter all the time? Capitol Hill is looking more and more like a pile of back-biting, mindless morons who are … Continue reading

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