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An old man eating soup…Vegetable beef soup!

While sitting in a cafeteria at a care center, recently, I heard an old man state: ‘Good living is like a bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup. It’s a wierd mix of assorted veggies with some meat tossed in to … Continue reading

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Wham bam! Thank you ma’am, vegetable beef soup!

Getting the urge to make soup sweeps over me at random intervals and times. But making vegetable beef soup can be time consuming. So, here’s a quick soup that comes together quicker than a cheap hooker’s legs when she discovers … Continue reading

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What exactly does a cup of homemade chili weigh?

It can be frustrating to people, such as myself, when I’m looking up the nutritional information on a recipe like chili only to see that their unit of measure is something called a cup. I decided to find out for … Continue reading

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How a simple bowl of red can really sink your diet!

By itself, a simple bowl of chili using the following ingredients, is low in calories. Following are the actual ingredients and amounts used: .87 lb hamburger meat, 81% lean 19%fat 14.5 oz can of petite tomatoes withe sweet onions 15.5 … Continue reading

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In search of the perfect minimalists chili recipe!

Making a really great pot of chili on a ninety degree day would seem a bit obtuse or even strange to many folks. Well, call me a practicing masochist then, as I do love eating a good bowl of red … Continue reading

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It’s all just a crock – pot meal that is!

Crock-pots, or slow cookers, as they are also known have always been a ying and yang kind of affair with me. They cook some recipes well, while destroying others. Over the years I’ve learned that other forms of cooking all … Continue reading

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Vegetable Soup on the cheap! For the times ahead…

Here’s a recipe that anyone can make and which is pretty cheap to make with store bought ingredients. (It’s even cheaper if you have some of the items in a garden out back). Ingredients: 132 g beef cubed, optional (half … Continue reading

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Great tasting tuna salad sandwiches!

I have to say that for ease of preparation, health and taste…nothing comes closer than a good old Tuna Salad Sandwich! The ingredients are simple: the tuna, some mayo, a small stalk of celery and sweet pickle relish. Just mix’em … Continue reading

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Kicking up the taste of a low salt spaghetti sauce!

If you’re one of those trying to reduce your salt intake, Congrats. That’s a tough call in a world where the mega food suppliers are actively conspiring against you. Almost any food, especially poorer quality foods, taste a lot better … Continue reading

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End of Season Mini Stuffed Taco Peppers

Every year, about this time, I always seem to have a few small Banana peppers and maybe one or two ripe and misshapen bell peppers left on the vine. This usually occurs at a time when my fridge is full … Continue reading

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