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Great tasting tuna salad sandwiches!

I have to say that for ease of preparation, health and taste…nothing comes closer than a good old Tuna Salad Sandwich! The ingredients are simple: the tuna, some mayo, a small stalk of celery and sweet pickle relish. Just mix’em … Continue reading

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Kicking up the taste of a low salt spaghetti sauce!

If you’re one of those trying to reduce your salt intake, Congrats. That’s a tough call in a world where the mega food suppliers are actively conspiring against you. Almost any food, especially poorer quality foods, taste a lot better … Continue reading

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End of Season Mini Stuffed Taco Peppers

Every year, about this time, I always seem to have a few small Banana peppers and maybe one or two ripe and misshapen bell peppers left on the vine. This usually occurs at a time when my fridge is full … Continue reading

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A Simple Tuna Salad Sandwich

As a younger man, I made this sandwich fairly often. It was a fast and cheap meal that took no time to make. In more recent times, I have tended to steer away enjoying tuna due to dolphins getting caught … Continue reading

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Stuffed Banana Peppers

Here’s a summer recipe that I like which combines banana peppers with taco flavored hamburger and a little cheddar cheese. It’s simple, can be made up before time and goes well with almost any side. This works well for me … Continue reading

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The Totally Awesome Chili Dog!

Someone back many years ago (maybe a doofus like myself) accidentally dropped a tablespoon’s worth of chili on a hot dog and thought ‘what the heck’ – then ate it anyway. Voila! A new meal was born! Chili dogs are … Continue reading

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Mmmm, Rabbit in Mustard Sauce!

“Thar ain’t nuthin I like better than catchin myself a briar rabbit and cookin him up in some thick mustard sauce!” – Danomanno 2010 You will probably get the kidneys with your rabbit. It is your choice whether to keep … Continue reading

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On the Fly Vegetable Beef Soup

Some days you just want to make soup, but depressingly you are missing some of the key ingredients. That’s where you can do what I do! Scrounge around and make the damn thing on the fly! On this occasion, I … Continue reading

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Alice’s Famous Chili

One afternoon while I was looking through some old books I had stored in the basement, I came across a real gem from my distant past. It was a book called Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook and contained a collection of recipes … Continue reading

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Homemade Low Cal Spaghetti Meal

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