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An August day at River Run Park with no one around!

Forsyth MO. – As August 2016 drew to a close, the weather had settled down into a repeating pattern of ninety degree days with partly cloudy skies, high humidity and afternoon pop-up showers. In other words, pretty typical stuff for … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: River Run Park

So, where is everyone? As it had been a stretch of time since I’d visited River Run Park. (A park located just to the east of the town of Forsyth Missouri). I decided to bag a lunch and head over … Continue reading

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Will the Forsyth Missouri area parks flood in 2016?

After the mess we had in the spring of 2015 with both River Run and Shadowrock Parks under water for the entire spring and summer season, one can only hope that 2016 will be a kinder and gentler year! It’s … Continue reading

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New signs at River Run Park!

OK, these new signs just erected by the two entrances to River Run Park located near Forsyth Missouri and which are currently under Federal control, leave me somewhat puzzled! In the past, I would have shrugged something like this off, … Continue reading

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Have a new Weber grill, will travel…at least as far as my driveway!

You’d think what with a nice river, just a stones throw out my back door, I’d be spending my spring days hanging out in that vicinity. After all, there’s even a park there! It’s call River Run and I’ve written … Continue reading

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The enigma of the campsite canopies!

It would seem that like God, the Corps of Engineers must work in strange ways. At least that would seem to be the case at the River Run location just to the east of Forsyth Missouri! Back in December of … Continue reading

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There were a few warm days in March of 2013

March 2013 was not all cold days. Here is a picture of some people camping at the River Run Park in Forsyth, MO on a pair of days that were warm and which gave the promise of better days ahead.

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River Run October 2010 Update

I thought it best to get as much walking in as possible before things get too cold. Even though the park is now officially in off season, the CoreĀ  of Engineers are allowing camping to go on without the amenities … Continue reading

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