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Face Book what a great platform!

So, apparently this post on Face Book could not be processed…. See below I’m sure that there is a very good reason why they did not want this to be seen. The link is at!

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Surviving Socialism!

I’m planning on throwing together a short manual, that’s due due out in the spring of 2021. It will encompass the Middle Class in America and how they can survive in the midst of a socialist state! Key sections will … Continue reading

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How Democratic Mayors handle virtual cities!

There is a popular city building desktop game that goes by the name of Cities and Skylines. In the game, you can build up a city complete with residential, commercial and industrial zones. It not unusual to have 60K plus … Continue reading

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October 2016 Random Thoughts!

SSA announces a cost of living increase for 2017! Wait for it! Here it comes! The SSA announced that Social Security beneficiaries will get a whopping 0.3% increase in benefits in 2017, after receiving no increase in 2016. The average … Continue reading

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It’s what for lunch in 2019!

Looking a head to 2019, I can envision problems of all sorts arising for us Americans. Hillary will be celebrating her third term, but alas, it will not be in the Oval office. No, she will be evading a party … Continue reading

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DOPE set to unveal new enery technology!

After spending billions upon billions of our dollars, The Department of Potential Energy (DOPE) is reportedly getting ready to disclose a device that they promise will make America completely energy independent! On it’s release, Obama will reportedly pen an Executive … Continue reading

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We’ll be right back!

After years of suffering through ads with William Devane and his gold commercials, I’ve finally achieved a milestone. I’ve reached that magic point where I automatically and without thinking, hit the mute button whenever I hear the key words ‘right … Continue reading

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So, pick a school lunch. Go ahead!

Here’s a typical school lunch as required by new government regulations: Check out that yummy apple! And, I hope that fish is mercury free! Next, here’s a picture of a 1980’s typical school lunch! Eww! Notice the sharp and deadly … Continue reading

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Obama and a few of the opportunities he has brought us all!

As the nation settles into President Obama’s second term, I’ve had a chance to now see some of the ‘opportunities’ his liberal thinking has given to me, as a citizen! I have the opportunity to now pay $500 a month … Continue reading

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Egg monster attaches itself to Obama!

Where it came from, one can only guess. When it came was a much easier question, though. Tuesday before last, this gelatinous mass that appeared very much like a fried egg was spotted on a popular Washington D.C., street making … Continue reading

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