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A new dawn in the Land of PUSS!

Fully outfitted and ready! Picture a not too distant future where all those pesky jerks in the Conservative Party were no longer around! A United States now renamed the Progressive United Socialist States or PUSS for short! A supper government … Continue reading

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Welcome to ObamaGolf! How can I help you…out?

[This was sent to me on FB by a friend named John – don’t know who came up with it, but it sure is accurate!] (Receptionist) Hello, Welcome to ObamaGolf . My name is Trina. How can I help you? … Continue reading

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The novel that’s the talk of Asia!

‘I guess every man has a secret somewhere in their lives. Mine was a woman, a mail order bride if you will, who came into my life speaking a language I could just barely understand and who began demanding things … Continue reading

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Sequestration begins day after tomorrow! Am I prepared? No!

I’ve promised myself not to panic, but according to my President ‘all hell is going to bust lose’ come March 1st. A date I’m sure will live in infamy as the economy will begin to look more and more like … Continue reading

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A lucky couple is chosen to go to Mars!

Dear Mr. Patrick Betz, Congratulations! You have been specially selected by Bas Landsdorper et al. to participate in a manned fly-by of Mars which will take place on the morning January 2, 2018 from Cape Kennedy Florida in a space … Continue reading

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DanO’s line of canned air products!

I can remember a time, not so long ago, when the idea of bottled water would have been met with laughter. ‘Water, for sale in a bottle, my friends would have quipped. ‘Are you nuts?’ Today the bottled water business … Continue reading

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What if?

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Gosh! How can the Feds miss?

Once the President is finished with stripping the rich of their hard earned money, he’s coming after you and me! I mean, gosh, we’re such a big target! Isn’t enough enough?

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Everything is OK! Don’t Panic!

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GM announces car with a built in microwave!

What came as no surprise to auto industry insiders, GM has announced a new line of ‘fully connected’ vehicles that will not only offer all the conveniences of a home office, but that will now come equipped with the latest … Continue reading

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