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Questions concerning Bull Shoals and two area parks!

Forsyth Mo. – As March of 2021 was drawing to a close, the status of two popular are parks near the town of Forsyth Missouri remained open to question! River Run, a parks controlled by the government and Shadowrock Park, … Continue reading

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Shadow Rock Park Missouri on a nice fall day!

Every so often, as fall progresses inexorably into winter, there are some days when God smiles and blesses this land with a parting kiss of perfection. Then, like an unwanted second act, Old Man winter arrives and applies the thumbscrews … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s pretty darn cold out there!

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The Flooding of Two Parks in Forsyth Missouri – Nov 09

I have written a couple of blog entries now concerning the two small recreational parks that are located close to Forsyth Missouri in southwest Missouri. In what has now turned out to be a wetter than normal year, both of … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung in SW Missouri!

I thought the park near where I lived would never come back! Continue reading

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River Run Post Flood Report

River Run is a small park that is located in a town called Forsyth and is located in southwest Missouri. Bull Shoals river, a popular fishing location, runs through it. Too bad the flood has ruined this location. Continue reading

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Shadow Rock Park – A Post Flood Report

In the spring and summer of 2008, exceptional rains caused a local river in Forsyth Missouri to overflow its banks. The resultant flood completely submerged two popular park sites known as Shadow Rock and River Run. Continue reading

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