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On the Fly Vegetable Beef Soup

Some days you just want to make soup, but depressingly you are missing some of the key ingredients. That’s where you can do what I do! Scrounge around and make the damn thing on the fly! On this occasion, I … Continue reading

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So, what’s happening in the garden?

After a cold night down here in southwestern Missouri, where the temperatures dipped down into the thirties overnight, I have to say that the following day was a gem. That seems to be the modis operandi in spring. A really … Continue reading

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My Chicago Hot Dog Blog

One of the many things I took with me when I left Chicago many years ago were fond memories of some great food joints close to where I worked in an industrial complex called Centex. Centex, located in Elk Grove … Continue reading

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Homemade Tomato Sauce by the Forsythkid!

While I was roaming around on the internet recently, I came across a home-made tomato sauce recipe published on a blog site called The God’s Cake. The author is English and is named Michael, I think, he indicated he has … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Spaghetti and Spaghetti Heads!

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Raised Bed Update

My raised beds are now up and running as we get into the meat of the season. Continue reading

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Those Tasteless Tomatoes

When you order a hamburger at a restaurant you are bound to encounter the dreaded tasteless tomato. Continue reading

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Deer are Eating My Tomato Plants!

Somewhere long ago and far away some deity with more time on his hands than sense must have decided that tomato plants should taste good to deer. Not just the leaves and fruit, mind you, but the whole friggin plant! … Continue reading

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Brandywine Time for Tomatoes

In spite of generally cold and overcast conditions that have defined much of our spring so far, I have gone ahead and prepared a small planting of tomatoes. Here in southwest Missouri we have certainly been blessed with our fair … Continue reading

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