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Yes, it probably is just a matter of time…

My apologies for hijacking and changing this Far Side post from Larson.

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Important message to all migrants!

When you cross the southern border, please move quickly into either state. They will have all sorts of free stuff for you, including brand new homes! Do not go elsewhere as you will not be welcome.

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Biden defined!

Once the new Lord Biden takes His rightful place on the throne in Washington DC, all will be well! Not only in the New Socialists States of America, but with the entire world! He has promised this! Here are just … Continue reading

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My first (and possibly my last) podcast!

At some point in my long existence, you’d just have to know that I would discover that I had a mic attached to my Microsoft headphones! And from there it was a short jog to making a podcast! Actually, my … Continue reading

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Duck and Cover – Duck and Cover!!

[click on Burt to start the movie] Ahem…With the world veering ever closer to global nuclear conflict. With Iranian scientists producing atomic bombs like there is no tomorrow and with world economies teetering on the brink. Our Presidente Supremo (may … Continue reading

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The one point one million dollar bus!

Above is a photo of the million dollar plus bus our government bought for Obama’s three day Midwest excursion. That was money well spent, don’t ya think?

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Pyrotechnic Nabobs of the Night!

Every Fourth of July, for years now, I’ve suffered from a particular form of insomnia. While there is no scientific name for the condition, I like the term ‘Crackeritis’. The symptoms begin around sundown and go far into the night. … Continue reading

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