First brutal blast of the 22-23 season!

This link will be updated daily over the course of eight days.

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Middle of December!

It’s getting about that time, mid-December is the typical transition time for folks in southern Missouri to go from 50ish for highs and 35ish for lows to 35ish for highs and God knows what we’ll see for lows.

Some years, like the last one in ’21-22′, was relatively warm… But that was the exception. I don’t get the feeling we’ll be quite as lucky this year. As a matter of fact, there’s a major winter storm brewing in the northern states as I write this. Up there they are talking feet instead of inches… Makes me glad I moved from Chicago to Forsyth (near the Arkansas boarder) many years ago.

Right now along about 4:40 PM, it’s about 55 degrees Fahrenheit under overcast-rainy skies. Nothing to write home about, but much better than we’ll see in the coming weeks. (For those with an interest, my weather station is located at

I keep everyone posted from time to time, as to how bad it is. If my sore bones are any indication, it should be an interesting season.

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What’s Biden’s next disaster?

He arrived as President courtesy of election fraud (that’s a proven fact). He immediately mismanaged fuel infrastructure, our boarder integrity and helped craft the war in the Ukraine. Whatever will he do next?

Well, Covid-19 is definitely off the table. Both the Deep State and China would agree, that ongoing series of events was a cluster fuck from the get go. He’s already screwed up most economic areas of the US, a process that continues this day. He’s turned the US into a laughingstock world wide with his bone-headed moves… What else is left?

I think that his next move is already in motion. You know all those ‘got-a ways’, which included any number of terrorists. I think the next move is going to be at our soft underbelly – the power grid.

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The year 2023 could be interesting!

Take your average American family. Or even your average American. They endured one hell of a lot over these past two years, including increased sickness, loss of income due to inflation and a near complete breakdown in the supply chain… And. It’s not over… not by a long shot!

Like most Americans I track what is going around me, sort of. I tend to focus on the important things like gas for my car and food on the table. Yet, these days, that is not enough. I now must concern myself with issues like our out-of-control southern border, you know, formerly the concern of our Federal government. I must focus on whether they are making good decisions on education for kids and healthcare. All the while, making some income and keeping one’s head above water. And that election we had, you know, to fix things…. It didn’t do squat.

Now as we turn towards 2023, we find that the nightmare could be just beginning. Stay tuned, I will elaborate in future posts.

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Call me crazy because I am!

The weather has been too darn nice. As we’ve begun December 2022, the days have been a relatively balmy during the daytime with nighttime readings in the mid 30’s! By gawd, I can live with that… Of course, the true test will come at the turn of the year…

The pattern I’m seeing, hot dry summers followed by wet cool winters, is reminiscent of what happened in England around the 12th century BC. (See Brian Fagan’s book ‘The Little Ice Age’ which chronicles those times).

In his book, warm temperatures in the northern hemisphere caused a massive meltdown of parts of the arctic. This relatively pure water (read as non-salty) was dumped into the oceans and screwed up the deep thermal hyaline layer which in turn screwed up the climate – for centuries. And not a single Democrat sees that coming.

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The dynamics of being hungry and being cold!

This winter will pose to double threat to American families. One is the obvious factor of cost, but the other is the not so obvious effect on the American psychic.

As families attempt to balance comfort against nutrition something strange will occur. A synergy of sorts will transpire; cutting back both results will transcend the reduction of either. Lack of nutrition equates to lowered stamina which will be complemented by to increased cold they will often experience over time. The two form a lethal combination.

Sure we have all been exposed to one or the other in various degrees, but never for an entire winter.

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Sometimes a washer does more than clean!

A few times in one’s life we find ourselves in a complete rut. Mine came most recently because of a ‘later in life’ crisis. It came on about 72, when I came to realize that there weren’t that many years left and as a personal thing I internalized it, and so the mostly physiological problems began.

But it was my washing machine that brought it all into focus. One day it worked fine, the next day nothing. It was totally dead and at three years old it was still considered somewhat new. That really sucked, but it brought all my personal troubles into sharp focus. Everything breaks down and you don’t know when! I should have been focusing on that fact for most of the now 72 years, I’ve felt pretty much OK. The poor washer (a GE by the way) had two major breaks in its short lifetime and it cost me both times. Lesson learned – !

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Weather predictions!

My prediction for southern Missouri for the months of December thru February will be as follows:

Colder than normal temps.

Snow, more than we’ve seen in a while.

Ice – Just to add some flavor…

That’s it…. That’s enough… That’s more than enough!

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It was as though someone turned a switch!

November is an interesting month here in southern Missouri. Or, at least it can be. Take this month of November 2022… One day it would be eighty something, and like someone turned a switch, it would be down in the thirties someplace. That takes its toll on the body I’ll tell you.

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Cold hits early!

Perhaps it was just my imagination…. But, here we are in southern Missouri and the temps were already down to the 30 degree range. And, this has been a regular thing! Heck, we’ve even had a dusting of snow, something we normally don’t see until New Years. (I’d ask the ‘Global Warmists’ to explain this, but they were nowhere to be found).

One has to wonder what this means for the December thru February period? This range of temperatures today was 38/31 versus a normal range of 57/36. That seems just a tad low… Sadly, for many of us every $50 we spend on heat is $50 less food…..

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