The End Times!

We now live in the End Times. The Leader of the Free World is Satan with his minions all about. All the signs are now in place. It is a sad thing to see.

Forget what you’ve heard. There is no redemption.

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Picture Caitlyn Jenner in a car sponsored by Progressive!

And Caitlyn Jenner is not only driving a car, but he is insured by Progressive! I have spent literately hours on an advertising campaign that I think the Progressive Auto folks will love!

I think that Progressive Auto Insurance can bill the ads such as ‘LGBTQIAProgressively’! And they could come out with little stickers that say ‘I love doing it in a Progressive’.

The company will make something like beaucoup dollars and everyone will want to jump on the L-whatever bandwagon. I just need the opportunity to present it. So far, they’ve shunned my calls.

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Price of produce getting out of hand!

While I was shopping at a local grocery store I needed to pick up a head of iceberg lettuce. Ever since the prices went crazy (aka President’s Biden’s inauguration), I’ve make it a practice not to look at the price tag. I would like to be sticker shocked at the check out counter. Imagine my shock when I realized the price of a head of lettuce was five bucks! Five bucks for something that was 90% water!

Wow! My shocked mind couldn’t wrap itself around that. Somebody is the supply chain was getting might wealthy on head lettuce. Strike another item from my shopping list…

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Biden must go!

I don’t care by what manner you get rid of Biden. Do it!

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Answer to climate change!

With leading Democratic climatologists now predicting we have as little as 11 years before climate change becomes ‘climate impossible’ they are asking President Biden to create and put in place, these 5 new laws for the US:

  • Whenever possible, stay at home and do not use any electrical accessories.
  • Eat only vegetables, not meat.
  • Buy an electric vehicle. Turn in any polluting gasoline vehicles to local authorities.
  • Turn in all weapons of war. This would include BB guns.
  • If you find yourself of limited use, please commit suicide.
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I gave you everything with only the commandment to nurture each other. You have failed and only know war. Fine. War it shall be…

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Up yours trans-people, I’m sick of you!

You think under God’s eyes, you can scream ‘F**k You’ and assault men and women, you pussy. I’ve got news for you – Your moment is up and it’s time you scurried back under the refrigerator!

The gloves have come off….

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Chicago that loony town!

The windy city just held elections for the Mayor of Chicago, and really surprised me, they passed up on urber left Lori Lightfoot for an even further Chicago-hotdog left-fielder Brandon Johnson!

Wow. Let’s see what this nut job will do….

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Too many commercials!

We live in an age of information. Whether it be TV, radio or intranet we are constantly bombarded by tens of ads per hour. Are they having unintended consequences!

Think about it. Many of the ads are pharmaceutical in nature and designed to make you aware of conditions you may have or will come down with. Down you have trouble falling to sleep! Do you experience mind fog? Are your eyes out of focus? How’s your digestion? You know the type.

Then there are the situational ads. Do you have this, are you ready for that…

I don’t know about you but my mind is chock full of this crap!

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First 87 degree day!

Today, my home here in Forsyth in SW Missouri experienced the first 87 degree day in very early April, actually April the 3rd 2023…

Now this was not the very first day we had reached 80 degrees, but it is first day that the wind is from something other than the southwest.

Does that indicate we are going to have a hot summer? I’ll go out on a limb and say yes. (You can track my personal weather station from here).

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