DanO’s Jailhouse Burger!

Until when the revolution happens and Americans finally flush out the political crud the currently inhabits our White House, people such as myself will get into trouble!

A few weeks back in time, I posted two words that were true on Face Book. I was responding to an article concerning Pete Buttigieg. I said he was a ‘gay idiot. He is certainly gay and he’s stated in public that he feels that some roads are ‘racist’. In my book that makes him a bit too strange… For daring to speak this, Face Book threw me into their virtual jail for a month! Perhaps I was getting to them….

Anyhow, we all that free time on my hands, I got myself to cooking. And since it was spring edging on into early summer, I got my grill warmed up and made me an honest to God DanO Jailhouse Burger!

Now, as you may have noticed, vis a vie my crude attempt at drawing, I’m likely not the best man to ever sling a spatula either. Yet, this burger attempt was quite tasty none the less!


Pre-made hamburger patties – (Yes, I’m that lazy)

Sliced red onion

Some lettuce

Pickles, (cuz I’m in one with FB)

Large store bought buns




Grill your patty until it just gives up. Then, march it right on up to the countertop where it will be briefly interrogated prior to being slammed into Mr. Buns. Throw in the condiments while listening to Mr. Buns countdown the time left until lights out.


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Either way Joe, it’s time for you to go!

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In Eric Pickersgill’s “Removed” photos, people stare at their hands, or the empty space between them, ignoring opportunities for human connection.

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Somebody to Love!

Lewis Capaldi hits a good note here, I think. He also captures the mood of a world circa 2021 that saw way too much death due to the China virus…

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Planning on grillin something soon!

No matter the weather odds and to hell with work, I’m gonna grill this weekend no matter what!

The man above didn’t have much of a fire going. Pretty pathetic actually. When I grill down in a local area park this coming weekend, I plan to bring with me a right proper grill!

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Something new. A podcast done from bed…

For whatever reason, I thought to do an entire podcast while reposed in my bed. And while the graphics took some time, the audio was a one shot, no edit affair.

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How do I fight allergies?

As a long time suffer of tree pollen, I’ve learned that eating California Cara Cara oranges can help relieve the symptoms.

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I rarely post political cartoons!

But, if I had to flesh out the times….

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Chili be like me…. Simple, but so f’ing good! And, it’s woke!

Look who showed up! Guess I’ll have me a Chili Dawg this day!

If you happen to have the following food stuffs lying about your kitchen, (a can of diced tomatoes, kidney beans, a package of ground beef and some chili mix) AND you have a hankering for a great bowl of chili, then it’s time to get cooking!


1 lb ground beef, browned and drained

15 oz can of diced tomatoes

15 oz can of kidney beans

14 grams Williams Chili mix (half a package)

Kicked up a notch:

¼ onion, chopped and lightly sauteed

¼ tsp Tabasco sauce


Brown and drain the beef. Throw everything into a pot and simmer for about an hour. (Me, I like to use a 2 qt Crock pot). Could chili be really that easy to make? Yes. It is… Try it!

Racial disclaimer: Brown(ed) hamburger was used in conjunction with a lighter skinned bunch of kidney beans, that were mixed well with just a little bit of white onion that had been properly ‘singed’ in a fry pan. This meal is not only woke, it’s about the most anti-cracker meal-a-deal going on the net! (That is unless you like having saltine crackers with it. In which case you on your own sucka).

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I can hardly wait for the summer!

Michigan is burning, the southern border is wide open, CCN now openly admits it’s a propaganda outlet, the police are being vilified and demoralized. Biden has re-empowered Iran, Russia is threatening the Ukraine, China is preparing to invade Taiwan. People hate each other across all racial and gender lines…

Gee. That’s quite an accomplishment in under three months Biden. I guess you are truly the Son of Satan.

But, what really hurts me this night is the way Face Book is clamping down on anyone who dare speak the truth!

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