Biden Biden Biden… It’s all about Biden!

One of the fun things to watch in 2021, as Biden gets an even stronger grip on America’s tender throat, will be his attempts to backtrack Trumps trade efforts into something more suited to a child parent relationship. While billions were pouring back towards America vi a vie strong trade deals under Trump, Biden is looking forward to more than reverse that flow of cash. After all, Chinese citizens are suffering so much..

Other big changes coming our way will be sky high gasoline and fuel oil prices as Biden unceasingly attempts to cut off oil, natural gas and coal flows from the US. This will once again place the US in a position of buying said supplies from the Middle East and Russia… Two of our very closest friends. Meanwhile, Biden hopes to reanimate failed solar company Solyndra into an even bigger disaster all at tax payers expense. His latest inspiration will be to have that company make beanie caps with little propeller driven generators that will transmit power to the grid via WiFi. He rightly figures that if 340 million adults were given the beanies and were forced to wear them, as much a 100 megawatts of free energy will be made available for our government to tax the hell out of.

On a lighter side, the country can now settle back to doing what the Democrats do the best – Tax and spend. No one will now have to pay any attention to that dreary old National Debt Clock. I mean who can comprehend the meaning of all those negative numbers. I’m sure the Biden administration will fix all of that over the next four years…. Just like he’s going to help blacks and Latinos… Bruhahaha.

For myself, I plan on heading south, this coming spring, to watch the tidal wave of humanity streaming into the US. I’m told the sheer numbers of arriving immigrants will look something like the Mississippi River! I plan to hold up signs that will read something like HEAD FOR WASHINGTON DC FOR FREE EVERYTHING. I’m positive old generous Joe will loosen up taxpayer money to cloth, house and feed them.

Yes sir. The year 2021 may just surpass 2020….

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Dumboacracy. The new model for the Biden years!

I’ll say it just one more time. This to all the useful idiots who voted for Biden based on his promises.

Free stuff for everyone

Forgiving college loans

Wide open borders as an act of kindness

No taxes on those making less than 100K.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

They’re all lies meant to make just one thing happen. To get Biden and his acolytes back into power, and to help insure that he and his friends will never be out of power again.

Two new realities folks; 1) The party in Washington DC will continue unabated, and 2) The suffering of the middle and lower classes will increase dramatically. Bank on it.

President Trump was the only President who actually worked for the People and against the Deep State. A situation that the left found intolerable. A state of affairs they could never let happen again. Why? Because just as he delivered higher wages and increased opportunities for minorities, so then would that trend have likely continued. Ergo, the Democrats would simply have no base from which to work with going forward… likely ever again!

In my post, entitled Dark Times Ahead, I dug into some of the more sinister maneuverings, I felt, that Joe Biden will engage in in the coming months…. (Actually, I’m not sure how long Joe will last as Ms. Harris might have other plans for him in the short term…). Whatever. For a country that is literally drowning in debt, the American people picked the absolute worst man for the job that one could imagine. Examples? While he pledged no one whose income was under 100K would pay additional taxes, he did also pledge to slap a 7% increase in taxes for corporations that made more than 100K. Guess what the result of that will be? Those very same companies will merely raise the prices of their products about 7%, to wit the average Joe will be saddled with a new hidden tax in the end. Yes, they will certainly get it in the end…

But wait! There’s more. How about that $15 minimum wage he promised? What’s the average corporation going to do about that? Well, there’s increased investments in automation, (i.e. fewer employees), increased product prices (that new hidden tax thingy again) or they’ll just trim the ranks… to the tune of an estimated 1.3 million lost jobs in 2021. Can you say wow? Thanks Joe!

And that open borders idea. Just how will admitting millions and millions of mostly uneducated and sick immigrants affect our overburdened healthcare system? I predict it won’t be very good. Not that it will matter much to true Americans, as even getting to see a doctor will be somewhat of a challenge..

Lastly, there is the Green New Deal. A climate changing package for the good of all earth… No, in reality, spending ten to twenty trillion taxpayer dollars in ten years will only go to make the rich richer. Replacing coal, gas and oil with windmills will also have a very sobering effect, as tens of millions find themselves without a job or electricity. Another brilliant idea coming from our boy Joe…

In quick time, I see our Republic totally skipping socialism in favor of communism. You know, that system by which everyone now owns what you formerly had. Good luck America. You’re going to need all you can get.

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Watch as your Republic dies..

On some social platforms such as FB and Twitter and Google, this effort was censored.

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Halsey Manic!

Halsey Manic! Great sounds! Meh. Me, I’m slinking through the shadows and the partitions of my time, in fine style. Each decade I’ve survived, has brought new challenges. Some were physical, others mental. And, a few were political. Yet, here I am and we all are, this day in 2020!

I’m my own biggest enemy
Yeah, all my empathy’s a disaster
Feelin’ somethin’ like a scaly thing
Wrapped too tightly ’round my own master
My friends are gettin’ bored of me
Sayin’ I fell in love with a stranger
I don’t know what they all think of me
But in reality, I don’t even

Remember anything but thinkin’ you’re the one
And I can force a future like it’s nothing

So I’ll just hate everybody
Well, then why can’t I go home without somebody?
And really, I could fall in love with anybody who don’t want me
So I just keep sayin’ I hate everybody
But maybe I, maybe I don’t

[Verse 2]
I know I’ve got a tendency
To exaggerate what I’m seein’
And I know that it’s unfair of me
To make a memory out of a feelin’

It’s ’cause I notice every single thing
That’s ever happening in the moment
And I don’t know why it’s consumin’ me
Because honestly, all I know is

Infatuation’s observation with a cause
But none of it is love, so while I’m waitin’ for it

I’ll hate everybody
Well, then why can’t I go home without somebody?
And really, I could fall in love with anybody who don’t want me
So I just keep sayin’ I hate everybody
But maybe I, maybe I don’t

If I could make you love me
Maybe you could make me love me
And if I can’t make you love me
Then I’ll just hate everybody

Well, then why can’t I go home without somebody?
And really, I could fall in love with anybody who don’t want me
So I just keep sayin’ I hate everybody
But maybe I, maybe I don’t

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Kraft and their pesky condiment hinges!

Over the many years, I’ve likely used thousands of bottles of assorted condiments, everything from various mustard’s, ketchup’s and salad dressing’s. In general the quality of these products has been pretty awesome. I’m talking about the contents here… not always the containers.

The problems I’ve encountered these products have been almost exclusively due to failures of the cap hinges. They work for a few times and then the thin plastic fails and the cap must be placed back on by hand from that point forward.

I wrote to Kraft before about this problem and they were kind enough to respond. Yet, the problems continue. I had better luck with a different mustard brand a year or so ago. They actually fixed the problem!

So, I’ll see if anything happens. I hate being a squeaky wheel, but if a corporation such as Kraft never hears from its public, problems like this can persist…

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Wham bam! Thank you ma’am, vegetable beef soup!

Getting the urge to make soup sweeps over me at random intervals and times. But making vegetable beef soup can be time consuming. So, here’s a quick soup that comes together quicker than a cheap hooker’s legs when she discovers I’m broke! What did he just say?

To set the stage, I often like to use a small crock pot that holds about 8 cups of soup (2 quarts). That’s enough soup to last one person for about four meals or half that for two people. I then like to grab a few fresh veggies while also using three cans of assorted veggies. Note that left over amounts go into storage containers to be used as side for other future meals.

Note: the slow cook pictured at tight is a Crock-Pot brand 2 quart model that sells for about $15 and which has received rave reviews! And, while I have a couple of other larger deals that I could use, I like this one the best!


200 g stew meat cut into small pieces (~1 cup)

16 oz can petite diced tomatoes (1 cup)

½ small Russet potato, peeled and cubed (½ cup)

2 stalks of celery, sliced (½ cup)

1 beef bouillon cube

½ cup red cabbage

¼ cup white onion, rough cut

¼ cup peas

¼ cup whole corn

¼ cup green beans

Dash of Cayenne pepper (optional)

Hey! Listen up! None of the amounts stated above are set in concrete. I generally just eyeball everything as it gets thrown into the pot. If I’m missing something, I smile and then move on. The beef gets a quick sear in a hot frying pan before it is unceremoniously dumped in with everything else!

If there is some space left at the top, I add in some water. There! You’re done! If you are practiced, like I am, this whole deal goes together in under ten minutes. Cover the slow cooker, set it on high and just walk away for four hours. Then, before too long, you’ve got yourself one awesome soup!

Last thought. Biden is a crook.

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My Bull Shoals lake level forecast for 2021!

Here, where I live in southwest Missouri, we have a series of damned lakes with one of them close to my home of Forsyth Missouri. Near that small town, are a couple of parks that have been flooded out six of the last six years! This year, however, I had high hopes that area residents just might be able to use both parks for the entire spring through fall period of 2021!

First some interesting facts about the lake. Bull Shoals Lake is man-made lake with over 1,000 miles of shoreline and over 70,000 acres of fishable water, it’s no wonder that many people make the lake a destination every year! That is assuming that ‘record rains’ don’t spoil everything. At it most southern point in Arkansas, the Bull Shoals dam is one of the largest in the United States. The surface area of the water is a staggering 45,150 acres (182.7 km2). And, typically the water level is maintained at about 659 feet msl (full power pool). During years with heavy rains, the lake has routinely gotten as high as 695 feet msl which has the effect of flooding out many of the parks scattered along it 700 mile shoreline.

But, as I mentioned, I do have a good feeling about 2021. Much of that ‘feeling’ concerns the drought conditions that currently plague many of the western states. It’s been my experience to note that these long wave weather events often move to the east with time. Thus, it is my hope that come March of 2021 we just might find ourselves in a drier climate. That’s the hope at any rate..

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A single raindrop’s life!

This is a drawing of a raindrop that fell from the sky over my home at precisely 5:25:03 PM CST on Monday, May the 23rd. The little guy committed suicide after what was apparently a fall of some great distance. Nor was he alone. Countless other raindrops also fell that day, splattering themselves pointlessly on the ground in and around my humble adobe. It was quite a mess as you could well imagine.

I’m pretty sure this particular raindrop was also heavier than average. I would estimate he had over ten quadrillion molecules of water in him which would be considered pretty obese in some raindrop circles. Not morbidly obese, mind you, but definitely a drop to be reckoned with.

It’s a good thing that raindrops are immortal. After his ‘demise’, my drop will eventually evaporate (reincarnate) into the atmosphere where he will rise back up to the heavens…only to fall from grace once again. A cycle that has been repeated endlessly over the last three billion years.

Maybe next time, he will fall over some great ocean. There, in the company of other fellow drops, he might spend a long time before parts of him are once again lifted up and the cycle repeated. Why, just imagine where ten quadrillion molecules might end up over time!

Then again, this particular raindrop might get lucky enough to fall over one of Earth’s poles where he could become part of a glacier.  Existing in a solid state, he could well lay in suspended animation for tens of thousands of years. Slowly crushed down into a crystal of clear blue ice as billions of his mates cover and protect him over the centuries.

Yes, the life of a single drop of rain can be most interesting.

*This posting on a raindrop was the sole creation of the Forsythkid.

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Halsey songs are all about me!

So, sue me!

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A not so funny clown…

Robert Mueller…

A link to a past time that few now remember. Robert Mueller has been since discarded into the dustbin of time, dumped by a crooked Democratic machine that sought unsuccessfully to bring down a man who actually helped a nation.

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