I hate it…

I hate it that these days, I seem preoccupied with all things Biden. Biden on the border, Biden on national issues and Biden on International ones.

It’s just that proof of his actions can be seen at the border, at the grocery store and by the ways foreign nations view us. And, he has three years and and a handful of months to go. And, should he go, there always ‘Kallmah’ waiting in the wings (spelling intentional). She is hiding in her equivalent of Joe’s basement… like a tool.

My question, can a full scale revolution be adverted….

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Hot off the shelves!

What do you think Marcus.

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At they need to do is wait….

All the forces are in place. All the players need to do is sit back and watch the dogs fight over whats left.

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Just how much do we tolerate?

Just how is it the following should be true:

  1. How many countries allow diseased, illegals of unknown origins, free entry. Ans: One, the US. And, we use the money of the American people.
  2. Where is it written that a peoples should listen to their government and allow them to dictate what goes into their bodies. Ans: Nowhere, except the the US.
  3. What country that exercised energy independence would turn around and stop that by making themselves once again dependent on their enemies? Ans: One that I can think of.
  4. What country would leave a country in direct reverse order; first the American nationals, the those who worked for us, the the stock piles of weapons and finally the military. Ans: None, save the US.

I put it to the Democrats (since they own both Houses and the Presidency), to answer the above questions.

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So, are you happy!

Me? Not so much….

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How will our Democracy ever survive….

Joe the Liar, in a never-ending quest for power, just keeps on talking. You know there is a saying – ‘The truth is simple and short. It foundations are grounded in rock and never need explanation.’ Contrast that to falsehood, whose foundations lie in shifting sand.

Joe goes to great lengths to explain how his economy is do great, even as it shifts as he speaks. He is forced to rely on spin-media to patch what he says.

At some point you can spray a turd with nice-sounding terms, yet it remains what it is… a turd.

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Fifty years in the making..

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Going back to Afghanistan… to keep our honor.

As the last of the cargo planes have left the tarmac in the Kabul airport and the last troops bid adieu to the nation of Afghanistan some one hundred American citizens and countless Afghanistan citizens now face a perilous existence, Americans can now reflect….

A sizable portion of our population (about 29%) feel perfectly fine with conditions as they are. Were they stranded in some remote hell-hole, I would be perfectly content with stranding them and would not give a thought to their future. That said, the majority of us remember why they went and the degree to which they sacrificed their personal safety so that we might sleep better at night. To those brave soldiers we feel we owe them a debt.

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This Day….

The blood of Americans are on your hands, Biden.

This day will weigh on the heart of a Nation…

The full consequences of which rests squarely on the heads of the Democrats and Joe Biden in particular.

Impeach Joe! Vote Democrats out of office.

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And the beat goes on.

Since January 21st when Joe Biden took office, here’s what he’s done;

  1. Effectively eliminated the US as being energy dependent.
  2. Opened the border allowing millions in illegally.
  3. Caused chaos in Afghanistan.
  4. Tried to sink the US into bankruptcy via tax and spend programs.

His helpers – MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, China and numerous insiders.

Their goal – To make the US a satellite of China with him at the head of a broken country.

And you are letting him do it…..

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