Inflation, war and betrayal!

Inflation, you have not seen inflation. War, you have not seen war. But wait, for the betrayal. The unique form of betrayal only a President like Biden can provide.

Stand up now to Biden and Putin.

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Lest we forget!

The world will not soon forget the treatment by Russia, to the citizens of the the Ukraine. My God someday forgive them, however, I know I won’t.

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Just how close are we?

Just how close are we to thermonuclear war, since Putin brought them up. He said that he was referring to ‘small’ 17 megaton warheads. I so demur, those were the size used in WW II against the Japanese. Ask the survivors if they felt they were small?

If they were to use even one against the people of the Ukraine, I’m positive the World would turn against Putin and Russia with a vengeance. (That he would even bring them up, shows his state of mind).

Today and tomorrow, we will see the rape of a land and a people. And will this satisfy Putin? No, probably not. He will go after the Baltic’s and as they are a part of NATO – Wham bam – The US becomes involved. You say I’m mad to think that? Maybe I am. But, remember this, it only takes one small missile to put in play a series of developments that in short order, they result in World War III.

Putin who do you think you are?

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The World has changed!

With Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine, came the realization that the world was to be forever changed. But, the question remains, will that be a good thing.

Think about it. One man’s aspiration result in the suffering of billions. One man’s desire result in a few hundred thousand deaths. One person lives well while many others do not… This day many are dying to prove him wrong…

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Her name is Lena!

Ever vigilant, ever steadfast. Lena, dog of the underworld sees all.

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Here is a promise!

We are now just 30 minutes before Biden responds to Putin declaring war on Ukraine. We are literately supporting Putin’s war effort by buying 500,000 barrels per day from him…

The question is will we reopen our emery reserves by allowing US interests to drill for oil on Federal lands and reopening the pipeline from Canada.

I’ll go out on and limb and say no.

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I don’t care!!

I don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it, but this government is riddled with corruption! From the very top to the gofer scrabbling around in the shadows trying to make a buck.  The problem is that no one seems to care… not the mayor, not the church, nor the teachers not even Mom and Dad. Let someone else that care of the mess.

This day we stand on the precipice of a world at war. Do we even care?

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The invasion of the Ukraine!

The question isn’t if but when. They are fine tuning their forces, while the rest of the world stares dumbstruck! Rumor has it that Biden has already ordered popcorn and his favorite flavor of ice cream in anticipation of what will be pure theater on all the news channels. Me? I take a pass.

In any event it will have to be a short war, as Russia cannot afford a long one. You see their economy is based solely on oil and gas, and that don’t go far.

And what will happen once the Ukraine falls? What’s to prevent them from taking a left turn and going after the Balkans? It’s a complex situation, and it needs a true leader over in America to deal with it. Sadly, we’re stuck with Joe Biden.

Or, are we? Seems we have gotten not very much out of this man and his lack luster VP. Strange times are ahead, perhaps they’ll take care of old Joe and Kmalea in due course.

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I was in pain!

I lived at home. I never went outside. All my needs were taken care of. I had time to think and to ponder.

But all that came to halt one day. I was evicted, one day, howling out loud at a world full of sight, sound and especially pain. Even the air hurt.

It was a world where I was defenseless, without resources – even cloth less – for I had just been born.

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Biden and Microsoft two suck ups!

This is a pain. I started a document but last it due to an issue with my new Acer Aspire! That was strike one, strike two came from MS Office 365 – what a ball of shit. They got my blood pressure up without even using their software. They aught to fire their advertising and marketing staff tomorrow. What a CF.

I’m going pontificate on Biden and has left-winged group of idiots. Compared to that bunch, Microsoft is just a bunch of babies.

Biden, smiling Biden. He’s got a real head start in hell.

Not unlike Afghanistan, Biden sticky fingers are all over the coming mess that is the Ukraine – and the outcome is a foregone conclusion – we will be sucked into war. That will be the beginning of the end for what ever chance Democracy had. First energy prices go crazy then the cost of everything. Just as it seems everything is going crazy, that when effective cyber-attacks against such necessities as water and electricity go south. From there it’s just a short walk to total chaos.

I submit we are at desperate time and desperate measures are require

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