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Just playing solitaire!

https://www.blogger.com/video.g?token=AD6v5dw1QBSuRxJLEchwJUED_vO4kb5L1y6YrrCvyZFOIJymuhXsSi8KmBg2NgqJwAWY9jNG8g9e8BtMYts-UcmnXgusARvux3a3VR3KMo5n5SJijXGTlGad3mk7avpdOoNpzxEje1U I ran into Wilco whilst perusing the virtual worlds of the net vis a vie Second Life. This song, garnered there, struck a chord in me! So not an icon of thought, just an old man’s late night thoughts.Hey! … Continue reading

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Finding level 401!

‘401’ is not about a retirement fund, it’s about a life…. At some point in my early existence, say late 1949, I was just a fertilized zygote, then I was an embryo and over a period of time – I … Continue reading

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