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Year two of four now gone by.

Can you believe we are two years into the four terms of Joe Biden? And what a two-year period it’s been! You name an area of our economy; Joe Biden and his Democratic has been there and wrecked that. And … Continue reading

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Whats News!

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Let me recount!

Since obtaining office a little more that a year ago Biden has: Stripped the US of her ability to re remain energy independent. Opened our southern border allowing countless people of questionable backgrounds in. Spent more money than all who … Continue reading

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Stop talking and start doing! Someone! Anyone!

It was a sad time in our nation, where the middle and lower class had struggled so mightily against odds too many to count. There was the Covid disease brought to us by the Chinese government, whose reiterations coupled with … Continue reading

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At some point, you have to say they’re crazy…

Biden, Pelsoi and the rest of the Democrats – are crazy pure and simple. What I don’t get is how the rest of us are reacting. I applaud Texas as real people reacting in true fashion. Faced with a true … Continue reading

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Don’t you get it?

There are two groups involved; Biden and his group and Ki and his Chinese conspirators. They have conspired a coup that is impossible to believe, in a game of world domination. They conspired to release a disease in the form … Continue reading

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Now this!

Since Biden assumed the reins of office, here is the net effect nine months in; The immediate shutdown of the pipeline from Candida. (Canada went ahead and sign a deal with China). Now with winter coming on our enemies (Arab … Continue reading

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Biden lies!

Don’t listen to the man of many tongues. He lied with every word coming out of his mouth! Note: I was going to post this on Facebook but they seemed to be busy?

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It’s time to flatten the curve!

Come on America, let do this. Maybe 2 million refugees will help!

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What you gonna do…

In the midst and swirl of the Biden presidency, there are mounting questions on where to put your nest egg if the money becomes worthless. If anyone has an idea, please share it here:

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