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Did China fire the first shot of World War III?

Dr. Li Meng Yan, a well known virologist, stated in no uncertain terms that the Covid-19 virus was not natural. Rather it was a result of a gain of function virus research project that was intentionally released by the Chinese … Continue reading

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The Soros – Deep State – China pipeline!

Imagine a world where three evil forces conspired to control the world. Imagine if all the problems that happened in 2020 were the direct result of years of planning. Imagine a world in which a Chinese bio-engineered virus was intentionally … Continue reading

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The world versus China on Covid-19!

It is a fact that some Chinese scientists and the government of China showed an incredible amount of naivety when they elected to have, not one but two, level 4 bio-research labs in a very populous part of the Chinese … Continue reading

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South China sea intrigue!

Imagine rolling a large powder keg onto a hot and roaring fire! That just might perfectly describe the state of the world as America rolls towards a fall election. An election that could see Donald Trump placed as the head … Continue reading

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Let’s sell off California now!

Couldn’t ever happen? Well, actually China has been buying up large swaths of the United States for some decades now. Welcome to the ‘real’ world Neo….

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Energy independence should become a national priority!

Not only should the US embark on an emergency drive for energy independence, but I would argue such a campaign should be placed ahead of all other interests. Why, you ask? Consider this; America is even now in the final … Continue reading

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I need your help. America is being free-traded into extinction!

Let me put this as kindly as possible. China is screwing the living daylights out of American business. It treats U.S. companies like suckers and losers each and every day. China is a communist run government. As such it routinely … Continue reading

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The cancer eating away at US needs to go away!

A short and sweet blog today… By now everyone knows that America is in a boatload of shit. Since we no longer produce anything, the only way we can grow is through increased spending. Problem is that stuff is running … Continue reading

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China and her aircraft killer missile program.

Now why would a country of 1.3 billion people, the vast majority of which live at a subsistence level, want to develop a missile that could take down a US aircraft carrier from 900 miles away? Hmm? A move that, … Continue reading

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North Korea is not the only country of concern these days.

North Korea’s rattling of its saber at the United States this week is sort of like watching that station wagon leaving the mechanics in National Lampoon’s movie Vacation. Wobbly tires going this way and that on down the road of … Continue reading

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