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We the People, four years hence…

A 2009 speech that is now aging and old, and yet… it portended so much for today in 2021! Wake up America! You’re about to be handed your hat.. and as of October 2013… We the ‘sheeple’ still hide in … Continue reading

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A pasta diet platter, DanO diet style!

By whatever name they go by, the various forms of pasta are a popular mealtime treat here in America and elsewhere. Numbering at about 350 types, I personally like to prepare and eat just a few; Spaghetti, Penne Rigate and … Continue reading

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Music that is purely synthetic!

Synthetic Dawn is a VR radio station that puts out some very cool songs. All synthetic, no human needed. My thought this night. What if us homo sapiens manage to make it a bit further? What if our development of … Continue reading

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Devil or angel? A multi-level statement of life!

To me, in 2021, it might refer to multiple levels of existence; men and women, religion, political party’s and more…… The Holy conception. Earth, Man and Women. The Holy Trine – And a God. who birthed all on the smallest … Continue reading

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Save our country by voting for Trump!

Well, that didn’t happen… sad.

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That’s a spicy spaghetti sauce!

After making my own spaghetti sauce for some time now, I’ve learned a thing or two during that time. Perhaps the most important one was not to try and re-invent the flavor wheel! The folks at McCormick have spent a … Continue reading

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Spaghetti special at the Mug!

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Meatloaf Sandwiches!

After recently having a meatloaf disaster, I began to make plans for a more traditional recipe. In the meantime, I worked my way eating through the old one by making meatloaf sandwiches! Being a rather simple man with a head … Continue reading

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A meatloaf miscue! Or, how to make polpettone italiano !

Sometimes, even an experienced cook, such as myself, makes a critical error. This was one of those times! Meatloaf is a definite comfort food. Easy to make and in terms of a recipe, I used used fairly standard ingredients – … Continue reading

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Where’s air for you car when you really need it?

Sometimes it’s the little problems that can become very big problems. Such as not being able to add air to a underinflated tire. Forsyth MO. – One morning, after getting into my Jeep to go drive to a local store, … Continue reading

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