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The year 2023 could be interesting!

Take your average American family. Or even your average American. They endured one hell of a lot over these past two years, including increased sickness, loss of income due to inflation and a near complete breakdown in the supply chain… … Continue reading

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Call me crazy because I am!

The weather has been too darn nice. As we’ve begun December 2022, the days have been a relatively balmy during the daytime with nighttime readings in the mid 30’s! By gawd, I can live with that… Of course, the true … Continue reading

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The dynamics of being hungry and being cold!

This winter will pose to double threat to American families. One is the obvious factor of cost, but the other is the not so obvious effect on the American psychic. As families attempt to balance comfort against nutrition something strange … Continue reading

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Weather predictions!

My prediction for southern Missouri for the months of December thru February will be as follows: Colder than normal temps. Snow, more than we’ve seen in a while. Ice – Just to add some flavor… That’s it…. That’s enough… That’s … Continue reading

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It was as though someone turned a switch!

November is an interesting month here in southern Missouri. Or, at least it can be. Take this month of November 2022… One day it would be eighty something, and like someone turned a switch, it would be down in the … Continue reading

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Another day in the life!

I awoke at approximately 7:00 AM on a rainy overcast 25th day in November 2023. This particular day, I had an 11AM appointment with a health care worker to get my flu shot. I did my best to touch up … Continue reading

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Could be we’ll see some changes in the weather!

The drought we’ve be living with, here in the Midwest, is about to go by-by with 1.6-1.7 inches in the Monday to Tuesday time frame. As one can see in the adjoining picture, there are some wet changes brewing. And, … Continue reading

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The Fall elections

With the start of the elections for select House and Senate beginning races all over the country, much of America it would seem is oblivious to them in general. As in Pennsylvania, where the two candidates for the Senate have … Continue reading

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Whats News!

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Thursday’s outlook

Drought is upon us…..for Taney County and the rest of the Central US! The only chance for meaningful precipitation for September One – Showers likely, with thunderstorms also possible after 10am. Partly sunny, with a high near 89. Calm wind … Continue reading

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