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An almost perfect plan!

A small group here in the US along with Communist Chinese leadership got together years ago a cement together a plan to bring down United States leadership while at the same time increasing China’s role as a super power. And, … Continue reading

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Now this!

Since Biden assumed the reins of office, here is the net effect nine months in; The immediate shutdown of the pipeline from Candida. (Canada went ahead and sign a deal with China). Now with winter coming on our enemies (Arab … Continue reading

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Wake up America!

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Now is the time!

Now, is the perfect time to review how each of shops. Particularly since a lot of us will go with out must have items, in the months to come. In particular, I am referring to products that come out of … Continue reading

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He certainly does…

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Biden lies!

Don’t listen to the man of many tongues. He lied with every word coming out of his mouth! Note: I was going to post this on Facebook but they seemed to be busy?

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It’s time to flatten the curve!

Come on America, let do this. Maybe 2 million refugees will help!

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Think about it!

The Democrats have made your world topsey turvey in just eight months. Think what they can do in 24!

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What you gonna do…

In the midst and swirl of the Biden presidency, there are mounting questions on where to put your nest egg if the money becomes worthless. If anyone has an idea, please share it here:

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Mad? Me? Why yes!

So, once I found out that nurses in hospitals, all across the land were literally being fired because they refused to take the vaccinations. Leaving thousands without life giving care, in hospitals that are increasing crowded with illegal aliens with … Continue reading

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