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The invasion of the Ukraine!

The question isn’t if but when. They are fine tuning their forces, while the rest of the world stares dumbstruck! Rumor has it that Biden has already ordered popcorn and his favorite flavor of ice cream in anticipation of what … Continue reading

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I was in pain!

I lived at home. I never went outside. All my needs were taken care of. I had time to think and to ponder. But all that came to halt one day. I was evicted, one day, howling out loud at … Continue reading

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Biden and Microsoft two suck ups!

This is a pain. I started a document but last it due to an issue with my new Acer Aspire! That was strike one, strike two came from MS Office 365 – what a ball of shit. They got my … Continue reading

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Armageddon – Important steps for us to take!

In the next few days, Mr. Biden and Putin will ignite a world war much to the delight of institutions like the war-infrastructure of the US. On the day there are a few steps that US citizens can take to … Continue reading

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Hero the mouse that didn’t work!

I recently bought a Logitech Hero mouse and can day without pause that it represents what is happening tech-wise to our country. It’s all falling apart! It’s built rather well, but that isn’t the problem, it the software that you … Continue reading

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Winter storm to impact southern Mo!

Local – Southwest Mo. – Area residents will have a chance to experience so of the types of weather our friends to the east have been enduring the past few days. Things will start off Tuesday afternoon as rain develops … Continue reading

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Let me recount!

Since obtaining office a little more that a year ago Biden has: Stripped the US of her ability to re remain energy independent. Opened our southern border allowing countless people of questionable backgrounds in. Spent more money than all who … Continue reading

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Cold settles in to the Midwest for a bit!

Don’t you just love the climate people. They seem to disappear wherever the weather acts in ways they disagree with. That’s pretty much true of all the Liberals. The latter part of January has proven that it can get dad-burn … Continue reading

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Our Republic would die with three more years of this!

After just a year of the type of government dished out by Biden (may his name ever be cursed), we find our great republic tottering and about to fall. To think that there are those who are anti-antithetical to free … Continue reading

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How’s everyone doing!

Me. I’m doing great so long as I don’t buy anything…. or travel…. and assuming nothing breaks. Oh, and it would be just great if I would die sometime in the next to years. At 73, I can’t complain too … Continue reading

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