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Jailed by Face Book for 30 days!

While I’ll be posting more in the days to come. Face Book put me in jail, this time, for my two word comment concerning Pete Buttigieg – I stated that he was a ‘gay idiot’. OK let me see now. … Continue reading

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Face Book! get ready, get set!

Ask people like Governor Cuomo (soon to be former Governor) what it’s like to become a useless tool of the Left. He’s in the process of being canceled by mounting numbers of former Leftist supporters! Seriously Andrew, when folks like … Continue reading

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Face Book what a great platform!

So, apparently this post on Face Book could not be processed…. See below I’m sure that there is a very good reason why they did not want this to be seen. The link is at http://www.taneyweather.com!

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Is this a communist platform?

FB’s elite management, decided to censor me and my posts for seven days. Why? Because I wasn’t following their ‘community standards’. Really, so this pile of crap social platform is telling me that the first amendment doesn’t exist. Not for … Continue reading

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