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The Fall elections

With the start of the elections for select House and Senate beginning races all over the country, much of America it would seem is oblivious to them in general. As in Pennsylvania, where the two candidates for the Senate have … Continue reading

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No wonder people are unhappy with both political parties.

As we head for what could be elections that will determine the fate of America, not everyone is as happy as they could be. Dayton, Ohio, retiree Jeni Wilson, 68, a conservative independent, said she saw little difference between the … Continue reading

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On the coming fall elections. A make it or break it time for the US.

In a relatively short period of time, voters all across this country are going to the polls in what could very well be the most historic midterm elections ever to be held. Nothing less than the future of America will … Continue reading

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House Democrats now learning the meaning of ‘hung out to dry.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday sought to play down reports of tension between Democratic lawmakers and the White House, saying that President Obama and his team have been “cooperative” with their reelection efforts and would be even more so … Continue reading

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The fall elections are coming. Will we all man-up?

While I try and hang out in the back of any party, political or not, I must put in a plug for all the downtrodden masses of which I am now a life member. This to the candidates: OK, a … Continue reading

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