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First brutal blast of the 22-23 season!

This link will be updated daily over the course of eight days.

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Weather predictions!

My prediction for southern Missouri for the months of December thru February will be as follows: Colder than normal temps. Snow, more than we’ve seen in a while. Ice – Just to add some flavor… That’s it…. That’s enough… That’s … Continue reading

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Cold settles in to the Midwest for a bit!

Don’t you just love the climate people. They seem to disappear wherever the weather acts in ways they disagree with. That’s pretty much true of all the Liberals. The latter part of January has proven that it can get dad-burn … Continue reading

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Local area parks still high and dry!

But for how long? Update: Wednesday, May 12 – And, that didn’t last long!

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Strange looking equipment located at Hwy 160 and Y!

Forsyth MO. – After one of the more observant Taney County residents noticed device attached to a pole at the intersection of Y and Hwy 160 in Forsyth. Curious about it myself, I made an effort to contact a city … Continue reading

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Heaven in my eyes..

https://jamesolmos.com/track/675697/heaven-in-my-eyes?autostart=true A song by James Olmos. On this eve of the celebration of the Independence of a Nation did I see what James was talking about. My eyes did perceive perfection for one brief moment in time, and that gave … Continue reading

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Hey! Let’s all hang in there! Four Seasons!

Over time, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing so many great people. Now, as I fade, I look back and understand…. https://youtu.be/Ba5X1s8Xn5Q OK, so wait! I’m not really fading! I’ve never been better and am ready for the next set … Continue reading

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The tragic death of a teen!

Forsyth MO. – As of this post, little in the way of actual facts are known surround the death of one Eric Summerfield (above left) at a home in Forsyth Missouri on the evening of October 15, 2016. Here’s what … Continue reading

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My other site. TaneyServices.com!

I have two real likes or hobbies in this world. One is tracking the local weather, something I find endlessly fascinating. The other is writing short ‘vent’ posts that generally fall somewhere in the political realm. Unlike the weather, most … Continue reading

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River Run Park Campsite #29!

On occasion I’ve had people inquire as to the amenities at the Corps of Engineer River Run Park located in southwestern Missouri near the town of Forsyth. The park is located next to Bull Shoals a popular location for fishermen … Continue reading

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